Apr 272021

Please identify these albums. To assist you, I’ve zoomed in on at least one of the hands featured on the front cover — I imagine that should be enough to help. I look forward to your responses.



  34 Responses to “Let Me Give You a Hand”

  1. I’ll take some easy ones off the table.

    4. Pretenders 1st album (lace and red and black leather is a dead giveaway.)

    7. David Bowie – Heroes (Who else could be pretentious with one hand? I’ll have to check my Paul Simon covers.)

  2. hrrundivbakshi

    Correct on #s 4 & 7!

  3. BigSteve

    The first one is the odious Hot August Night by Neil Diamond.

  4. trigmogigmo

    Yeah, Neil Diamond and Pretenders came to mind immediately and Bowie’s a no-brainer!

    I think 8 (after Bowie) might be a Gene Simmons batwing hand from something like KISS ALIVE.

  5. cherguevara

    After Pretenders is No Dice.

  6. hrrundivbakshi

    BigSteve: YES. Trig: YES, and well done on 8. Cher: YES

  7. hrrundivbakshi

    I want Mod to get #2, and if EPG doesn’t get 9, I’ll be sorely disappointed. Actually, him or 2000Man.

  8. I got #9, but I’m leaving it on the board.

  9. Happiness Stan

    #2 is either Endless Flight by Leo Sayer or a blatant knock-off.

  10. Happiness Stan

    That should be #3 for Leo Sayer, not #2…

  11. 2000 Man

    #9 is Brian Jones’ hand from December’s Children.

    #5 is Bandfinger’s No Dice album. I know that because just the other day someone called me crazy for saying Badfinger sucks. I may be crazy, but I’m right.

  12. hrrundivbakshi

    Good job, Stan. You are CORRECT. Glad 2000 was able to prove his fan-boy love on #9. Keep up the good work!

  13. cherguevara

    The second and last one are both bugging me, I know they look familiar!

    Badfinger… I’ve always wanted to like them more than I actually do. My favorite song of theirs is “We’re For The Dark,” which I think is epic and beautiful, and “No Matter What” is a great burst of energy. Some of their stuff falls into middling territory, and there seems to be a constant rerecording and regurgitation of the biggest hits (Spotify tried to serve me a remake of “Without You” by Badfinger featuring Todd Rundgren) but I get that the band experienced horrible tragedy and unfairness, so if Joey Molland can sustain a career off of a few songs, more power to him. They have a good handful of excellent tunes, sometimes the singing isn’t for me (why Nilsson’s “Without You” crushes the original), but I think they are a long way from falling into the “sucks” category.

  14. It has to be late enough where this doesn’t count as a spoiler. The show Breaking Bad uses Badfinger’s Baby Blue to great effect in the last scene of the show as a reference to the blue meth Heisenberg was making. “Guess you got what you deserve…”. I’m a big fan of that song. I don’t think they suck.

  15. No Matter What and Baby Blue alone are enough to convince me to be on Team Badfinger. I only own one of their cds, and don’t really know much aside from the obvious tracks but those two are undeniable.

    Chicken, my son and I have an ongoing debate about whether they should have used Crystal Blue Persuasion instead of Baby Blue at the end of Breaking Bad. I think they made the right choice, but CBP would have worked too.

  16. Not positive, but I think I recall during the season when they were cooking the meth under the guise of being bug exterminators that they used CBP during a montage scene. They could have ridden the blue song theme much harder. So many great blue titles. I would have suggested Blue Spark by X.

  17. Happiness Stan

    Any chance of a clue on number 2 and the last one, please? 2 in particular is bugging me. I’m guessing late sixties/early seventies Motown/funk/soul, but can’t place it. The last one rings no bells, but I’ll probably kick myself when it’s revealed.

    I’m with you, Cher, on Badfinger, thinking I should like them more than I ever could. They fall just on the wrong side of dull.

    Without the Beatles connection, they would be any other band who had a couple of minor hits with a couple of unexpectedly catchy tunes, popping up intermittently on oldies radio. Their personal tragedies fed into Apple’s modern equivalent of an Icelandic saga and suit the mythology around it.

  18. hrrundivbakshi

    Here are your clues, Stan:

    2.) This hand has nothing to do with soul/R&B music.
    11.) This hand has a great deal to do with soul/R&B music.

    Because I’m feeling generous, I’ll also add that the hand in 2) is one of Mr. Moderator’s all-time favorite hands. And 11) is a hand attached to a body clothed in a toga.

  19. cherguevara

    OOOOOHHHH!!! It’s Marvin Gaye’s “Here My Dear.”

  20. Happiness Stan

    Ah, it’s This Year’s Model.

    That was fun, thanks

  21. hrrundivbakshi

    Cher and Stan, you are both CORRECT. Are we giving up on 10)? I would expect many of us to know that one. Not sure about 6). I know it quite well, as it’s from the cover of an album I reckon to be one of the greatest “incredibly American” albums ever recorded. Well, it’s from the *original* cover of that album.

  22. Happiness Stan

    Didn’t realise 6 and 10 were still in the table. Neither ringing bells with me

  23. Happiness Stan

    Eureka! 6, Street Survivors by Lynyrd Skynyrd.

  24. hrrundivbakshi

    Good one, Stan! 6) is CORRECT!

  25. 10 is driving me crazy. I got a distinct Joe Perry vibe and a vague Stones vibe. Checked the Leather pants guys, Morrison, McGuinn, Hendrix. It looks so familiar…but I got nothin’.

  26. hrrundivbakshi

    10) is a power trio. And I do mean POWER.

  27. Happiness Stan

    Ace of Spades

  28. hrrundivbakshi

    Stan is CORRECT for the win!

  29. 8 is Kiss Alive. Did anyone call that one yet?

    And here’s something to chew on (no pun intended) . It really doesn’t get more bizarre than this.



  30. Is it possible that Wales has cornered the market on true British Isles “Animalism”?

  31. I love Tom Jones. Not a lot of the music aside from It’s Not Unusual and a few other tunes, so much as the very idea of Tom Jones. I just listened to his interview on Marc Maron and he seems like he’s still just laughing his way through life at 80, not overthinking things. Or as the great AlexMagic put it when evaluating the video of Tom Jones playing with CSNY: “Jones’ facial expressions and body language read to me as him thinking “YEAH! HAHAHA! COME ON, FELLAS! HAHAHAHA! EVERYTHING IN LIFE IS AMAZING!”, which is probably his default expression and state of mind, because it’s probably ridiculously awesome to be Tom Jones 99% of the time.”

    The video is worth revisiting if you haven’t seen it in a while: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dIDzA0YDso8

    As long as you’re going down the rabbit hole, treat yourself to another look at him singing Sloop John B while wearing a white speedo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ppo9z8A56k4

  32. BigSteve

    I was stumped on #6, thinking it must be some kind of preppy band, with someone wearing a nice red shirt with khaki pants. I had been wondering if it might be Talking Heads. It’s hilarious that it turned out to be Lynyrd Skynyrd.

  33. cherguevara

    Because we (I) wrote about Skynyrd recently, I actually searched their album cover images, thinking it might lead me to identifying one of these. And still I missed it! I did sense the band was some kind of meat and potatoes rock, I searched Bob Seeger after that. That was fun.

  34. Is it homo-erotic day at RTH? Then this one works for me.


    Elvis always said there was only one real King; Jesus Chris, but I’d like to see JC rock a white body suit like EP. I like each time he hits the chorus, he does a little practiced two step shimmy dance. Very subtle, just to give a taste, but he saves up the big body motion fireworks until the end. Not as subtle as a white speedo, but still good. Feels like he was still in on the joke at this stage.

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