Jan 302013

letitberooftopHow did it take me until 8:34 EST to realize January 30th is the 44th anniversary of the Beatles’ rooftop concert? Can we make this an official RTH rock-oliday? How would we celebrate it? Jam on a rooftop? Wear a woman’s fur coat?



  17 Responses to “It Was 44 Years Today”

  1. Up on the roof with Jefferson Airplane — Great looks — and Grace.

  2. misterioso

    Interesting, I’d never seen that! That said, my inclination is to root for them to jump.

  3. Oof, they really are just unbearable…

  4. jeangray

    If’n only you believed in miracles…

  5. I thought it was historicaly significant that this was before the celebrated Beatles roof concert and that there is a fur coat on display.

    Better with the sound off, no doubt.

    Don’t you think Martin Balin looks cool? Plus I’ve got a thing for Grace circa 67-68.

  6. Grace was definitely hot (in pictures) but I prefer Michelle Phillips’ Betty to Grace’s Veronica.

  7. I didn’t know that preceded the Beatles’ rooftop performance. I agree, that is cool. I think I did a little analysis of this video a couple of years ago. There’s some serious Manson Family Pep Rally stuff going on.

  8. Yes — Michelle was lovely — Linda Rondstadt in 1969 was pretty OK too.


    I remember watching variety shows with my dad — who didn’t like pop music at all — but he sure didn’t flip the channel if Linda or Cher popped up.

    Does anyone remember the Hasten Down the Wind poster? A couple of older dudes I knew had it up in their dorm rooms.

  9. misterioso

    Any idea what the story was? Was this staged by/for Godard? It is not part of any film of his that I know.

    Definitely one for the mute button. Admittedly I am immune to whatever charms the Airplane is supposed to have had, but whatever I have heard by them that I can stomach have been studio recordings. Every live performance I have seen is simply unbearable. And yet isn’t part of their alleged legend their live performances?

  10. Linda is a great call and she would be the pick of the litter if I could just get that image that shows up occasionally in the banner photo of this site, discussed here (about halfway down): https://www.rocktownhall.com/blogs/richard-wright-joins-keyboard-section-of#more-1685

  11. Oop, should say “get that image out of my mind…”

  12. There’s a plenty of overwrought Grace and noodling on live Airplane YouTube clips. I do recall her doing an very good (and straight) version of Somebody to Love on the Grammys in the early 80s.

    All I can find is this on the Goddard clip is this:
    Film-maker Jean Luc Godard filmed the Jefferson Airplane in NOVEMBER 1968 doing the song “House On Poohneil Corners” on top of a midtown NYC roof for a film called One A.M. which was unreleased at the time. This film was later completed by D. A. Pennebaker in 1971 and released and retitled as One P.M.
    I started listening to Airplane on cut-out 8 tracks — this was the song that impressed teenybopper funoka.


    I think I’ve said before that I find the Slick/Balin vocal styings are similar the Cervenka/Doe vocals of X. At least when I first heard X, I thought of Airplane.

  13. I’ve never derived any pleasure from Jefferson Airplane either.

    This clip must have been fun to make; if it is well received – good and if not – your artistic beliefs are confirmed.

  14. I don’t recall the Beatles rooftop concert. Maybe its because I’m repressing since the record comany my father was A&R man collapsed because of the Beatles. It was Cameo Parkway.One of the most successful independent labels at that time. OTOH very mixed feelings because I do like some of Lennon/McCartney’s compositions. Namely Norwegian Wood, We Can Work it out, :”All you ned is love.” George Harrison’s “Something “

  15. misterioso

    Thanks–that’s interesting. Totally unknown to me. I hear what you mean with the Airplane/X comparison, though I find X much, much more palatable.

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