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An interesting note in Philadelphia Inquirer writer Dan DeLuca’s recap of Philadelphia’s recent Made in America music festival centered around female concertgoers’ right to sit atop their boyfriends’ shoulders. DeLuca mentions the following act of vigilance by Josh Homme during the set by Queens of the Stone Age:

The Josh Homme-fronted QOTSA sported a roaring, wildcat guitar sound, Homme isn’t a typical headbanger. He slowed down on moody “The Vampyre Of Time and Memory” and slinky “Make It Wit Chu,” during which he yelled at security for making a woman get off her boyfriend’s shoulders. “Take the rule book and shove it … would you? This is Philadelphia, we know how to have a good time!”

Right on, Josh Homme for sticking it to L’Homme! For this act, we award you the Prestigious Rock Badge of Courage. Take away female concertgoers’ right to sit atop their boyfriends’ shoulders and you take away the right for the audience to get a peak at some potentially bare breasts!


  3 Responses to “Rock Badge of Courage: Josh Homme Corrects Philadelphia’s Made in America Security Team”

  1. I must not go to the right kind of shows, or missed the heyday of female topless concert-going. The only time I witnessed this was at the DC 101 Chili Cookoff in 2002. It was Soul Asylum, Pete Yorn, and I actually saw a song or two by Puddle of Mud.

    This was in downtown DC and they caged you into the area like animals, which led to kind of ugly pack-like behavior.

  2. BigSteve

    Points deducted from Josh Homme for pandering to Phillycentrism.

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