Oct 122011

No joke, I’ve felt left out. I’m really curious to hear whether anyone watched Martin Scorsese’s George Harrison, or whatever that recent HBO documentary was called—and what you thought about it.


  5 Responses to “Just Because Mr. Moderator Does Not Have HBO Doesn’t Mean the George Harrison Documentary Chatter Needs to Take Place Elsewhere”

  1. I watched part 1 and plan to watch part 2. It is watchable, some nice footage of the Beatles I’ve never seen.

    Nothing remarkable up to this point. I think its because I know most of the Beatles stories so far.

  2. BigSteve

    I watched the first half last night in fact. When I recorded it, I didn’t know there were two parts, so I had to try to find when HBO was running part 2. I think it will be DVR’d later this week. It’s really the post-Beatles part I’m interested in. I pretty much know the first half of the story. It was good, but not mind-blowing like the Dylan one.

    It was interesting to see contemporary interviews with his brothers. It seems like Clapton was the only musician outside of the Beatles they interviewed. I’m not a Beatles nut, and I enjoyed it, so I think you would like it.

  3. I liked when Clapton said they shared the same tastes in cars, clothes, “and women obviously.”

  4. My comments mirror those of funoka & BigSteve. Not as good as the Dylan one, some great great Beatles footage, only saw part 1 last night, expecting to enjoy part 2 more.

    There were a couple of minor thoughts that occurred to me as I watched:

    1. Ringo has a horrible rug; I guess without songwriting royalties there’s not enough money for quality in that department.
    2. I was surprised to see a current day Astrid Kirchherr. Partly, I guess because I didn’t realize she was still alive and partly because, at age 73, she has no trace left in her of the Teutonic beauty I remember from those Hamburg era pictures
    3. George in his later days looked an awful lot like Captain Beefheart circa 1980; I’d never noticed that before.
    4. Only the most tangential of references to George’s more libertine ways. I thought I had read that those aspects would be included; maybe in part 2.
    5. Macca came off far better than he usually does.

  5. I was thinking about old-time rugs/hairdos last night while watching an episode of The Dick Van Dyke Show. Were rugs better back then, or more conducive to the hairstyles in vogue at that time? Think of Alan Brady’s rug. They joke about him wearing one, but when it’s on it doesn’t look that bad. Same goes for Humphrey Bogart’s piece. Before you read about it, did you ever think, “Damn, where’d Bogie get that road kill on his head?” I never knew he wore a piece until I read about it. Compare his rug to almost any rug from the late-’60s forward, once they tried to make hairpieces to fit in with The Dry Look hairdos. And now these days guys are wearing obvious weaves. Rug-wearers seriously need to look back to the ’40s and ’50s and re-examine rug/remaining hair wear. Or maybe those pre-Beatles rugs simply looked better because I only saw them in black and white.

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