Sep 262011

Ian Anderson is just one of rock’s many practitioners of ka-raaay-zeeee eyes. Sometimes we like to believe our rock ‘n roll heroes are capable of actually peeling back society’s layers of civility and letting loose with just how ka-raay-zeeeee life is. Madness, I say! Anderson is one of many rock singers who have delivered on our expectations. What other lead singers come to mind who consistently roll out a pair of ka-raay-zeeeee eyes? 



  28 Responses to “Ka-Raaay-Zeeeee Eyes!”

  1. tonyola

    Ozzy Osbourne has made a career out of krayzee eyes. Some would say that is is greatest talent.

  2. machinery

    Johnny Lydon’s whole career is based on this.

  3. meanstom

    How about when Eddie Vedder rolled dem ka-raaay-zeeeee eyes to drive home the message of ‘Jeremy’?

  4. Keith Moon was one of Rock’s great gurners..

  5. What about early Costello, in the vids for “Radio Radio,” “I Don’t Want to Go to Chelsea,” etc.?

  6. Mick Fleetwood live, although it might be his whole face and not just the eyes.

  7. Nice! I was trying to think of non-singers who do this.

  8. Surely this predates rock, but is Screamin’ Jay the first rocker to employ this, or Little Richard?

  9. cliff sovinsanity

    Terrible Ted Nugent and King Diamond

  10. Right — same thing with that dude in Silversun Pickups, and they had the minor hit “Lazy Eye”

  11. Good point about musicians with a lazy eye. Should they be eligible for this? Can it really be said they’re rolling out a pair of ke-raaay-zeeeee eyes?

  12. They should probably be declared ineligible. Same with Bowie and his eye.

  13. FASCINATING video. I’ve heard of that band but never heard that song. That video may top Smashing Pumpkins’ “1977” (?) video for showing The Kidz in their full glory. And I will admit I was relieved at the end when the camera pulled back to reveal the kid in the leather jacket was wearing a dress. I thought I was having another Steve Perry Moment.

  14. trigmogigmo

    Danny Elfman sure put in a good non-stop effort with the eyes!

  15. cherguevara

    I think it’s a case-by-case thing. Colin Hay might have a lazy eye, but clearly he still makes crazy eyes. Thom Yorke does not, although it would be really awesome if he did.

    I’ve always wondered about Bowie’s eye – he can’t see out of the blue one? I read once that he was hit in the face by schoolmate George Underwood, but I don’t know more than that.

  16. cherguevara

    PS here are some of underwood’s album covers:

  17. I’m impressed that you know about this guy and his album covers! I’m not impressed by his work. He was like the anti-Hipgnosis.

  18. cherguevara

    knowing of underwood is just one of those random, “why do I know this?” things. Wikipedia tells the story of Bowie’s eye, btw. Now i know.

  19. David Byrne had some crazy-eyed moments in the early days.
    Rick Nielsen of Cheap Trick also utilized the crazy eyes quite a bit in the 70s.

    Do The Residents count?

  20. Those are good ones, and your Residents suggestion is definitely ka-raaay-zeeeee.

  21. Joe Strummer was known to shine a ka-raaay-zeeee eye at a key point in a Clash song, as Billy Joe Armstrong’s Strummer impersonation will attest.

  22. Don’t forget the periodic Hall-haunting Focus!

  23. Lux Interior definitely had some ka-raaay-zeeee eye moments, to go along with all his other ka-raaay-zeeee-ass mannerisms.

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