Jan 182011

Lou Reed...The Way His Records Were Meant to Be Filed

Although the University of San Francisco, California website attempts to pitch this with a positive Spinal Tap-style spin, this seems like a bummer for radio listeners in that area who had 90.3 FM programmed on their radio dial, not to mention the DJs, whose work now holds no more value than that cat who does episodes of Saturday Night Shut-In.

The move to online-only distribution gives KUSF a powerful opportunity to grow its worldwide audience. Previously, the station was limited to 100 online listeners at a time, but capacity will be increased to accommodate thousands of listeners.

In the station’s place the airwaves will be filled by a Public Radio station playing long cover tunes, primarily from the 15th through 19th centuries.

Thanks to Townsman dbuskirk, a former KUSF DJ, for passing along this news.


  4 Responses to “KUSF Goes Internet Only; Damn Classical Music Takes the Airwaves!”

  1. The picture and the caption just lessened the blow.


  2. Glad we could be of service, TB:) I think I actually grabbed that picture from the KUSF website.

  3. ladymisskirroyale

    Darn, I guess. I have my dial set at 90.3 but I’m guessing it’s a peninsula station that I’m getting. Will soon find out.

    When I was at WRIU in Kingston, RI (90.3 FM) we were constantly dealing with the threat of a NPR take-over. But we had a wider range – even at a 3-6 am slot I had more listeners than 100. I wonder if KUSF will actually be a “quality” classical station or just play greatest (classical) hits. There are classical stations, and there are Classical stations. No more Four Seasons, Nutcracker Suite, Beethoven’s x…

  4. 2000 Man

    That picture caption cracked me up!

    That’s a shame about the radio station. Did you see the law passed to allow more local stations? Man, I hope someone here does a decent Rock station around here. I hope it doesn’t get all botched up and wind up being more opportunities for Clear Channel to continue messing up radio. I really love radio, but it’s been so bad for so long that I can hardly stand it.

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