Jan 182011

We’ve lost Don Kirshner. Now maybe The Archies can play their own instruments.

Read all about the late, great rock impressario here.



  3 Responses to “Donnie Kirshner is gone…”

  1. misterioso

    He was only 76! That’s sort of disturbing to think that he was so young when Rock Concert was on. ‘Cause he seemed old.

    Trying to look on the bright side of death, perhaps this will mean someone will finally make old Rock Concert shows available?

  2. Great point, misterioso. I would have thought he was already 50 in the mid-’70s.

    Looking back at those old clips now they’re often better than I thought they were at the time (even the many rock bands I didn’t like), but there’s always something cheesy about the Midnight Special stage and graphics, no? Compare it with the Plain-Jane stage and graphics of Old Grey Whistle Test, which only seemed to make the performances seem more direct, more “in my living room,” although I never had the privilege of seeing British tv shows in my living room…

  3. misterioso

    …or, as they call it in Britain, “in the loo.” No, wait, that means something else.

    The thing that kills me about OGWT is Whispering Bob Harris. The guy never fails to crack me up.

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