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In the recent discussion of the music of Gordon Lightfoot, I made a reference to Jackson C. Frank, who released only 1 album, which was produced by Paul Simon (whose birthday just happened to pass).

The album leads off with his song, “Blues Run the Game.”

Although this song mentions the blues, it is not a blues song in its structure or style. But the blues do run this particular game of Last Man Standing: How many songs can we name that are about, or mention, the blues, although they are not actually in that genre? I can think of 4. Let’s see if you all can name those songs and more.


  33 Responses to “Last Man Standing: Blues Run the Game”

  1. Just skipped it while working out this morning: The Stooges’ “LA Blues.”

  2. H. Munster

    “Singing the Blues”. A hit for Guy Mitchell, but check out this version:

  3. “Blues Mary” Gear Daddies

  4. Blue Must Be the Color of the Blues – George Jones

  5. cherguevara

    Wow, so far this is NONE of the songs I could think of. Keep ’em coming…

  6. Johnny Cash — “Home of the Blues” — I first became aware of this classic through Dwight Yoakam’s nice twangy cover version:

  7. cherguevara

    I have a hard time hearing past that guy’s voice.

  8. cliff sovinsanity

    “Charley Patton Songs” by Gomez

  9. This may be an RTH first — a mention of Danny O’Keefe?
    “Goodtime Charlie’s Got the Blues”

    What an album cover!

  10. “Wedding Bell Blues” by the Fifth Dimension isn’t remotely bluesy.

  11. Jim Dandy to the rescue!

  12. cherguevara

    Good one!

    I’ll enter one of the ones in my mental list:

    Marshall Crenshaw – Blues Is King

  13. ladymisskirroyale

    Soul Coughing – Screenwriter’s Blues


  14. Blues for Allah – Grateful Dead

  15. Damn, you beat me to that one, although I first planned on checking whether that was, in fact, a song (not just an album title) and whether it was, in fact, not a blues. There’s another possible song like that I have in mind that I still need to research before risking making a fool of myself.

  16. “Chtlin’ Blues,” by Heidnik’s Basment. (I’ll have to digitize this little-known gem and share it over the weekend.)

  17. misterioso

    Not much blues in Steely Dan’s “Deacon Blues,” methinks.

  18. Good one!

    By the way, I had to look up that Jackson C. Frank character. What a sad story! Also, I had no idea it was his songs the cult leader character sang in Martha Marcy Mary Marlene (or whatever combination of M names that movie’s title was). I love that movie!

  19. misterioso

    I didn’t know that–had never heard of him, either. That is a good movie, extremely creepy and disturbing.

  20. cherguevara

    I don’t know that movie, I’ll have to check it out. Jackson C Frank’s life reads like a parade of misery, with very few happy times. His album is well worth a listen. I imagine he is somebody who pops up on the fringes of pop culture on rare 10-year-apart occasions.

  21. cherguevara

    Ok – next one from my mental list is:

    “I guess that’s why they call it the blues” by Elton John.

  22. cliff sovinsanity

    Blues Before and After – Smithereens

  23. Dream Syndicate, “John Coltrane Stereo Blues.”

  24. H. Munster

    “Summertime Blues” by everybody

  25. 2000 Man

    Kill My Blues – Corin Tucker Band.

  26. cherguevara

    Next one off my mental list is….

    “My Old Friend The Blues” by Steve Earle (also recorded by the Proclaimers, most likely during breaks in their 500 mile hike).

  27. underthefloat

    A Good Time Man Like Me Ain’t Got No Business (Singin’ the Blues) by Jim Croce

  28. H. Munster

    “Furry Sings the Blues” — Joni Mitchell

  29. cherguevara

    “parking lot blues” – ESG

  30. underthefloat

    T*t Photographer Blues by The Fabulous Poodles

  31. cliff sovinsanity

    Just heard it in a restaurant
    Blues Are Still Blue – Belle & Sebastian

  32. underthefloat

    Singing Blues for Baby and Me by Elton John

  33. cherguevara

    Two Elton songs in this LMS, nice.

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