Nov 222011

Well, the dust has barely settled on the most recent Last Man Standing but I’ve been inspired start another by a response that tonyola made to the Mod in a previous discussion.

Please name a song that contains the name of a nation in the title. The nation must be a real one, so Atlantis doesn’t count, although it can be one that no longer exists, as in my first answer: “Back in the USSR.”

Once a country is mentioned, it is off the board.

Only one answer per post please.


  195 Responses to “Last Man Standing: Don’t Know Much About Geography”

  1. Simon and Garfunkel (and Yes): “America”!

    It’s a good thing this isn’t a Battle Royale, because who would want to take on that nation?

  2. 2000 Man

    Living in the USA – I’ll use Linda Ronstadt’s version because that’s what I thought of first.

  3. The Clash (kind of) – “This Is England”

  4. hrrundivbakshi

    Prince: “America”! Strong contender for his majesty’s worst song ever… and that’s saying something.

  5. hrrundivbakshi

    Clash: “Guns Of Brixton”

  6. hrrundivbakshi

    Whoops — missed that “nation” qualifier.

  7. Cdm, should answers only be acceptable in proper noun form, ruling out nationalities, like American Woman? I think adjectives should be excluded.

  8. hrrundivbakshi

    “China Girl,” Bowie

  9. “Discovering Japan”

  10. I’m leaning towards allowing it if only to see what obscure countries you people come up with.

  11. Viet Nam – Jimmy Cliff

  12. Egypt by Brinsley Schwartz

  13. The India Song – Big Star

  14. “Ain’t No God In Mexico” Waylon Jennings

  15. bostonhistorian

    Jimmy Cliff “Miss Jamaica”

  16. mockcarr

    Song For El Salvador – Minutemen

  17. bostonhistorian

    Siouxsie and the Banshees “Israel”

  18. Italian Girls – Rod Stewart

  19. misterioso

    The Who, “Armenia City in the Sky.”

    Are repeats permissible? If so, there are going to be a lot of England and US-related titles.

  20. underthefloat

    African Man-Iggy Pop

  21. bostonhistorian

    Toots and the Maytals “Careless Ethiopians”

  22. Oops! I meant to say no repeats. I’ll see if I can edit.

  23. underthefloat

    Mexico-Steve Forbert

  24. Sorry Underthefloat but ivanomartin already got Mexico. Boston retains the belt.

  25. “India,” Psychedelic. Furs.

  26. I already got India above.

  27. Blue Canadian Rockies – the Byrds

  28. underthefloat

    Ah, yes. Sorry, I looked back at the rules (which make sense) after I posted…

  29. bostonhistorian

    Squeeze “Wild Sewerage Tickles Brazil”

  30. “Big in Japan” – Alphaville

  31. bostonhistorian

    The Kinks “Australia”

  32. Oh, hell – once it is mentioned, a country is off the board? OK, then…

    “Mother Russia” – Renaissance

  33. Turkish Song of the Damned – the Pogues

  34. “In Germany Before the War” – Randy Newman

  35. Spanish Castle Magic – Jimi Hendrix

  36. “Denmark Street” – Kinks

  37. BigSteve

    ‘America’ isn’t the name of a nation.

  38. BigSteve

    ‘Africa’ isn’t a nation.

  39. Van Morrison, “Caledonia.”

  40. hrrundivbakshi

    “Luxembourg”! Costello. LMS in grand geeky fashion.

  41. Mozambique – Bob Dylan

  42. What the hell? Please explain. What grade Pince Nez do you carry, my man?

  43. bostonhistorian

    The Ruts “Babylon’s Burning”

  44. “Half Past France” – John Cale

  45. bostonhistorian

    Joe Strummer “Afro Cuban Be-Bop”

  46. Babylon was a city.

  47. BigSteve, is or was Wales ever considered a nation?

  48. misterioso

    Bob Dylan, “Most Likely You Go Uruguay (And I’ll Go Mine)”

  49. Wales is officially a country that is part of the United Kingdom. It has a central government that is represented in the UK Parliament.

  50. “Never Been to Spain” – Three Dog Night

  51. mockcarr

    Abyssinia in all the old familiar places…

  52. mockcarr

    Highway Chile by Jimi Hendrix

  53. BigSteve

    ‘America’ includes both continents in the western hemisphere. ‘The United States of America’ is the name of a nation.

  54. hrrundivbakshi

    Ha! Take THAT, BigSteve!

  55. BigSteve

    Norwegian Wood, Beatles

  56. BigSteve

    Colombia, the Gem of the Ocean

  57. “Bangla Desh”, George Harrison

  58. I truly once did hear a DJ remark, “And that was Jimi Hendrix and ‘Voodoo Chili’.”

    He’s still on the air.


  59. “Greenland Whale Fisheries” – The Pogues (among others)

  60. BigSteve

    Damn, I was just going to post that one.

  61. BigSteve

    Mingus, Haitian Fight Song

  62. “Holiday In Cambodia” – Dead Kennedys

  63. “Give Ireland Back to the Irish” – Macca

  64. hrrundivbakshi

    “Nigerian Independence,” Fela Kuti

  65. “Just like Belgium” – Elton John

  66. “Burma-Shave” by Tom Waits.



  67. “Sweden,” The Divine Comedy

  68. “Panama” Van Halen

  69. misterioso

    Flock of Seagulls, “Iran”

  70. “Finland Song,” Monty Python

  71. “Bermuda” – Roky Erickson

  72. bostonhistorian

    The Pogues “Summer in Siam”

  73. “FDR in Trinidad” – Ry Cooder

  74. bostonhistorian

    Mission of Burma’s “The Ballad Of Johnny Burma” was my ace in the hole. Curses!

  75. hrrundivbakshi

    “Cuban Slide,” Pretenders. LMS!

  76. HVB, Cuba was already used (entry # 36).

    “Greece” – George Harrison

  77. tonyola

    “Siam” – Nick Mason’s Fictitious Sports. Siam is the old name for Thailand.

  78. tonyola

    Oh, damn – it’s been used.

  79. misterioso

    Thank you, thank you very much.

  80. tonyola

    “Nicaragua” – The Fugs

  81. Georgia on My Mind

  82. “Sons of Scotland” – Mark Knopfler

  83. Singapore – Tom Waits

  84. bostonhistorian

    R.E.M. “The Flowers of Guatemala”

  85. misterioso

    The Motels, “Sudan-ly Last Summer”

  86. “Filipino Box Spring Hog” – Tom Waits

  87. Czech Your Head – the Beastie Boys

  88. misterioso

    Bob Dylan, “Kenya Please Crawl Out Your Window?”

  89. mockcarr

    Ain’t rock but, Road To Morocco by Hope and Crosby

  90. bostonhistorian

    Babylon was a city-state, and sovereign.

  91. I stand corrected.

  92. “The Hardest Bhutan to Bhutan” – The White Stripes

  93. tonyola

    “Poland” – Tangerine Dream

  94. “I Wish It Would Bahrain” – The Temptations

  95. Oman-dy by Barry Manilow

  96. bostonhistorian

    Survivor, “Eye of the Niger”

  97. bostonhistorian

    Johnny Cash, “I’ve Benin Everywhere”

  98. bostonhistorian

    B-52s “Mesopotamia”

  99. “Qatar Man” – Jerry Reed
    “Seychelles Sanctuary” – The Cult

  100. mockcarr

    Belize Belize Me – Beatles

  101. “I’m Kuwait-ing for the Man” – The Velvet Underground

  102. tonyola

    “Greece-y Heart” – Jefferson Airplane

  103. bostonhistorian

    John Lennon, “Cold Turkey”


  104. hrrundivbakshi


  105. mockcarr

    Formosabout to rock – AC/DC

  106. hrrundivbakshi

    Bolivia the Tattooed Lady, Groucho Marx

  107. hrrundivbakshi

    Uruguay Can’t I Touch It?, Buzzcocks

  108. mockcarr

    Texas Funeral – Jon Wayne

    Texas being briefly a republic.

    OK, so it’s not funny as a title, but LISTEN to it!

  109. hrrundivbakshi

    Guyana (Go to Him), the Beatles

  110. hrrundivbakshi

    Do You Belize In Magic, Lovin’ Spoonful

  111. Are Uganda Scarborough Fair?

  112. mockcarr

    No Pakistanis (working title of Get Back) – Beatles

  113. These fake ones are cracking me up.

    Cold Turkey does not count because I mentioned Turkey a while back.

    bostonhistorain has the belt with B-52s “Mesopotamia”

  114. Oops! I stand corrected. HVB has it with the creative “Texas Funeral”.

  115. mockcarr

    Oh, yeah, well, Vatican Rag – Tom Lehrer

  116. mockcarr

    Farts. I wasted it.

  117. “Guinea Shelter” – The Rolling Stones

  118. mockcarr

    Hey, it’s difficult enough being mockcarr accepting the sins of HVB.

  119. hrrundivbakshi

    Liechtenstein, Oh, Liechtenstein — the Liechtenstein 4

  120. hrrundivbakshi


  121. mockcarr

    Ok, who hasn’t licked a stein?

  122. mockcarr

    Certainly, Blondie has…

  123. The whole band!?! I thought it was just the singer…

  124. mockcarr

    Good follow up to Roman in the Gloaming.

  125. mockcarr

    OK, OK, I’ve been suitably Harried.

  126. bostonhistorian

    Oh right. Turkish Song of the Damned. I searched for Turkey, not Turk!

  127. bostonhistorian

    Lulu “To Serbia With Love”

  128. bostonhistorian

    Champion Jack Dupree, “Angola Blues”

  129. The Who – “Brunei Wife” & “Brunei Generation”

  130. bostonhistorian

    And how is it possible that we’ve gotten this far without “Don’t Cry for Me Argentina”?

  131. mockcarr

    I can only assume it’s good taste, but you know what they say about the word assume.

  132. mockcarr

    Waterboys- A Bang on Zaire

    I can’t help it if I heard it with a German accent.

  133. bostonhistorian

    K.C. and the Sunshine Band “Shake Djibouti”

  134. Sorry, that second one doesn’t really work….how about “Behind Brunei” instead? “No one knows what it’s like to be the bad land/to be the sad land…. behind Brunei”.

    Also, Chuck Berry’s “Brunei Handsome Man”

  135. mockcarr

    Last gasp

    Gimme Somoa – James Brown

  136. mockcarr

    or Samoa, if it’s not too much trouble.

  137. Judas Priest – “Uganda ‘Nother Thing Coming”

  138. Bob Seger – “Ramblin’ Gambian Man”

  139. bostonhistorian

    Brunei Handsome Man wins the made up songs, in my estimation.

  140. hrrundivbakshi