Jul 172008

Is it the birthright of every English guy named Mick to be in a band? Or, conversely, is it some sort of English law or regulation requiring that every band have a guy named Mick?

I recently caught a few minutes of a random documentary about a British punk band comprised of middle aged mentally handicapped guys, and even those guys had at least one Mick in the band.

So, name an English band with a guy named Mick in it. I’ll start: Heavy Load (the aforementioned middle aged mentally handicapped punk band).


  30 Responses to “Last Man Standing: Gimmie Mick!”

  1. BigSteve


  2. Pince nez: Half of the original members of Foreigner were American. However, Mick Jones was in Spooky Tooth for a few years.

  3. Mr. Moderator

    The Clash

  4. Mott the Hoople

  5. hrrundivbakshi

    Rolling Stones

  6. hrrundivbakshi

    Rolling Stones, again

  7. Mr. Moderator

    CDM, do Mickeys count? If so, didn’t early T-Rex have a guy named Mickey Finn?

  8. Mr. Moderator

    Spiders from Mars

  9. hrrundivbakshi


  10. Mr. Moderator


  11. Bad Company (yes I know it’s the same Mick who was in Mott the Hoople before, but hey it still counts, right?)

  12. Fleetwood Mac

  13. Pink Fairies (with not one but two Micks at one stage; Mick Farren and Mick Wayne)

  14. dbuskirk

    Mick Wilson from the band Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Tich.

  15. alexmagic

    (The) Sweet – Mick Tucker and Mick Stewart

  16. Bad CO does count as does Mickey Finn.

  17. Mr. Moderator

    I hope CDM doesn’t mind me reminding you that, based on the individual Stones suggestions, you can use one Mick at a time for bands with Multiple Micks.

  18. Spinal Tap

  19. Yes, double Micks = Double credit

  20. sammymaudlin

    Procol Harum. Double Micks.

  21. alexmagic

    Supergrass – Mick Quinn

  22. Mick Hucknul (sp) – Simply Red

  23. sammymaudlin

    Jethro Tull

  24. saturnismine

    Fleetwood Mac.

  25. Mr. Moderator

    The Mac had already been mentioned. Unless they had a second Mick I wasn’t aware of, Townsperson eh is currently the Last Man Standing.

  26. saturnismine

    oops! didn’t see that.

    hmmm….i’m stumped for the moment.

  27. saturnismine

    The Creation (Mick Thompson).

  28. alexmagic

    Mannfred Mann’s Earth Band – Mick Rogers

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