Jan 162015

Miserable old farts of Rock Town Hall, in today’s Last Man Standing I want to test our collective ability to identify the friends of Sleater-Kinney appearing in their sing-along video for “No Cities to Love,” the title track from the magically reunited (and as powerful as ever) band. Here’s the deal:

  1. As with any Last Man Standing, please limit yourself to one entry per post. In other words, DON’T BOGART THIS THREAD.
  2. Please don’t cheat. You’ve been known for your honesty and integrity in these Last Man Standing competitions over the years; this is a sterling opportunity to show the world that you have maintained those high standards.
  3. Feel free to add commentary regarding the Friend of S-K you have identified, including your thoughts on his or her performance, their own body of work, or something as petty as the individual’s Look.

I look forward to you helping me identify the few Friends of S-K I’m unable to identify. First Townsperson to inspire the return of Alexmagic gets a special prize.


  33 Responses to “Last Man Standing: Identify the Friends of Sleater-Kinney in Their New Video”

  1. underthefloat

    Miranda July!

  2. I thought that was her. Her jazz hands performance may be my least favorite if the bunch.

  3. misterioso

    I’m pretty sure I saw that chick from Portlandia.

  4. Coach Taylor’s wife from Friday Night Lights in front of the red white and blue wall.

  5. Fiona Apple, presumably in the same wood-paneled basement where they shot her “Criminal” video:


  6. In sunglasses and Detroit Tigers hat: Darryl, the cross bow wielding redneck with a heart of gold from the Walking Dead.

  7. Sarah Silverman! She’s one of the few comics I follow on Twitter.

  8. Fiona looks pretty healthy to me — hope she’s cleaned up — there were some strange stories and some scary photos from around the country on her last tour.

  9. Andy Samberg

  10. Does anyone else think that Corin Tucker looks a little bit like Jenna Fischer from The Office in this video?

  11. cliff sovinsanity

    I believe the cool chick in the sunglasses in front of the Hollywood sign is my fellow compatriot Ellen Page. Her look appears to be retro grunge without the long hair.
    As the kids would say she is “adorbs”. First noticed her a decade ago on the show Trailer Park Boys. Those who might not have been impressed with her acting chops in Juno or Whip It should seek her out in the movie Hard Candy.
    If I’m not mistaken I don’t think this is her first rock video?

  12. I had NO idea who that was!

  13. Thanks, that was another person I couldn’t place! I was thinking it was someone from Belly.

  14. I thought that was Julianna Hatfield and couldn’t believe she looked 20 years younger than she is!

    J. Mascis!

    I am the Last Man Standing and that’s all I got.

  15. I don’t think that was her. I saw her guest appearance a couple months back and she did not look like that. Older, more tired and way more flaky.

  16. …guest appearance with Blake Mills… Anyone else heard this guy? He was pretty great. Mr. Mod’s fave-rave, Jackson Browne also did a guest spot version of “These Days” with a 6 piece string arrangement that Mills’ music director whipped up that afternoon. It was really good…and I like Browne less than Mr. Mod.

  17. 2000 Man

    Damn, I should have looked last night. Geo took the one I went, “Hey! I know who that is!”

    But then, I noticed. I read the thread twice. I can be LMS! With the easiest one of all!

    Fred Armisen.

    Somebody has to pick the low hanging fruit, it may as well be me.

  18. trigmogigmo

    She’s also in a band or something.

  19. trigmogigmo

    I was going to guess that was Jeff Tweedy!

  20. Well, I’m hoping that’s Fiona. I just realized I have all her CDS, which doesn’t really take much,

  21. ladymisskirroyale

    Nah, Tanya would have had bleached hair.

  22. ladymisskirroyale

    I thought that was Reba who maybe had some work done.

  23. ladymisskirroyale

    Yeah, but her deadpan delivery always works for me.

  24. ladymisskirroyale

    Hey Mod, you be interested to know that Janet Weiss (no one’s called her out yet!) drummed for the Go-Betweens the last time I saw them live.

  25. We’ll have to see if that was Fiona Apple or not, as I thought it was earlier. Meanwhile, I don’t know the woman’s name, but there’s a brown-haired woman with an upturned nose and big nostrils who is or recently was an SNL cast member. I recall her playing a boy who’d just made his Bar Mitzvah.

    Last Man Standing.

  26. 2000 Man

    Wild Flag.

  27. cliff sovinsanity

    Mr Mod, are you thinking of Vanessa Bayer?

    I’m surprised it’s taken this long for someone to mention Natasha Lyonne. She doesn’t add much to the video except the occasional head-bob.
    I’m glad to see her come back from drug addiction. She’s well cast in Orange Is The New Black. A favourite Natasha Lyonne movie in the “Sovinsanity” home is Slums of Beverly Hills.

  28. Yes, that’s her name! I’ll have to go back and see if I can identity Lyonne. I had no idea she lost time to drug addiction. She’s usually pretty good when she pops up in a small role in a film.

  29. Who’s the guy after Armisen with the bleached hair and the glasses, looking like Billy Corgan’s son?

  30. cherguevara

    That’s Connie Britton – from FNL but also from the show “Nashville.”

  31. misterioso

    Anyway, so is that Fiona Apple or no?

  32. I had to look up some of the people we couldn’t identify. “Fiona Apple” may be Brie Larson, who I last saw in The Gambler. She was also the main high school girl in the 21 Jump Street movie as well as one of the band leaders in the excellent Scott Pilgrim vs the World.

    The “teenage Billy Corgan” may be the lead singer of My Chemical Romance.

    Have we identified the woman in the leather jacket and short hair rocking out in front of a chain link fence?

    On a further viewing, Miranda July’s performance confirms my lack of interest in ever seeing anything she’s ever done. Yikes, that is some annoying hand jazz!

  33. Ah, the chain link fence rocker may be the ubiquitous Evan Rachel Wood, who seems to have been making boldface appearances in the media for 20 years without me ever knowing who she is. I looked up her credits on IMDB, and sure enough I’ve only seen one movie or tv show in which she’s appeared, Kevin Costner’s respectable comeback/credibility re-establishment attempt, The Upside of Anger. She must have been a teenage daughter.

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