Jan 092014

On a whim I went searching for video footage of Peter Blegvad performing anything from his 1983, Andy Partridge-produced album, The Naked Shakespeare. I’ve always loved this album. Colin Moulding contributes bass to a few songs. Terry Chambers may appear as well. I need to dig it out and digitize it.

Anyhow…to my surprise, I found a clip of Blegvad lip-syncing “Karen” on Top of the Pops, or some English show like that. The video is mildly not safe for work owing to the appearance of a tastefully naked butt.

Anyhow…rather that attempt to strike up an in-depth conversation over the works of Blegvad, I thought I’d do my part by simply exposing him to some of you and then launching a Last Man Standing on Name Songs. There’s one catch: We must list them in alphabetical order, beginning with my entry, “Karen,” a name that begins with the letter K.

It shouldn’t be hard to list a name song beginning with an L, M, N, O, or P, but we’ll see how far we get toward the end of alphabet. We will exclude the letter X from play. How many name songs are written to Xavier? (NOTE: If we can get through Z one time, we can consider eliminating that letter from play in the second round.) If we get all the way through to J, we will start over at K.

Got that? Let the first name song, beginning with L, appear in the Comments!

UPDATE: Comments are set to close sometime tomorrow (1/20/14). Consider the conclusion to this Last Man Standing a race against the clock!


  481 Responses to “Last Man Standing: Name Songs…In Alphabetical Order, Beginning With L!”

  1. hrrundivbakshi

    Lucille, Little Richard

  2. hrrundivbakshi

    Mary, Mary — The Monkees

  3. “Nadine,” Chuck Berry

  4. misterioso

    “Ophelia”, the Band

  5. The Divine Comedy – Our Mutual Friend

  6. Oops – “Power Lines” by Telekinesis.

  7. misterioso

    Gotta be a name, MrHuman, such as “Peggy Sue” by Buddy Holly.

  8. I am an idiot and I apologize.

  9. misterioso

    to err is Human

  10. Shoot, we’re up to Q names. This is another letter that may be out of play following this round. We’ll see. For now, “The Mighty Quinn” moves us onto what should be an easy R name!

  11. cliff sovinsanity

    Roxanne Roxanne – UTFO

  12. trigmogigmo

    “Sussudio” — Phil Collins

  13. Timothy Leary’s Dead – The Moody Blues.

  14. Under the Milky Way: – The Church

  15. Unless you mean there’s a woman named Under, I don’t think that answer works.

    But, “Tales of Brave Ulysses” does. Just ask the tiny purple fishes.

  16. ladymisskirroyale

    Veronica – Elvis Costello

  17. Matthew Sweet – “Winona”

  18. ladymisskirroyale

    Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots – The Flaming Lips

  19. “Ziggy Stardust”


  20. Sweet! There’s probably at least one other Z name. I hadn’t thought of that obvious one.

    Onto an A name…

  21. “Amy,” by Poco, or whatever Southern Lite Rock band that was.

  22. cherguevara


  23. The original rules stated that X was out of play. If you’ve got a song with a name that begins with X, by all means show off and play it! Thanks.

  24. cherguevara

    Madam X by Smokey Robinson?

  25. cherguevara

    Oh whoops!

  26. cherguevara


    Bertha – Grateful Dead

  27. cherguevara

    Greatful. I’m making a mess of this page.

  28. cliff sovinsanity

    “Caroline” – Link Wray & The Wraymen

  29. 2000 Man

    David Watts – The Kinks.

  30. Hank Fan

    Eleanor Rigby

  31. “Frank’s Wild Years” – Tom Waits

  32. Suburban kid

    Gabrielle – The Nips

  33. I think you spelled it right the first time.

  34. I’m Henry the 8th -Herman’s Hermits

  35. cherguevara

    I was seriously making hash last night, don’t know what was up with me. In the “this is your rock town hall” thread, I spelled “Prince” as “Price.” Ugh.

  36. cherguevara

    Iris’ Song For Us – Vashti Bunyan

  37. Suburban kid

    Jolene – Dolly Parton

  38. Suburban kid

    (searches iTunes Library….)
    Xerxes’; HWV 40 – George Frideric Handel

  39. What’s the Frequency, Kenneth? – REM

  40. cherguevara

    Laura, Scissor Sisters

  41. mockcarr

    Martha My Dear

  42. cherguevara

    Roy Wood – Nancy Sing Me A Song

  43. Suburban kid

    Oliver’s Army – Costello

  44. ladymisskirroyale

    Johnny Hit and Run Pauline – X

  45. “Little Queenie,” by Chuck Berry. We’ll see if any more Q names are available.

  46. cliff sovinsanity

    “Quincy Punk Episode” – Spoon
    If we go around the horn again I think we should drop the letter Q because this one hurt my brain.

  47. ladymisskirroyale

    Ricky’s Theme – Beastie Boys

  48. We must have posted almost simultaneously. Let’s hold onto this one and use it in the third round. I’m pretty sure we’re going to make it that far.

  49. “Sarah Smile,” by Hall & Oates, Mrs. Andyr’s favorite band.

  50. ladymisskirroyale

    Sorry to bogart the next letter, but in honor of Mr. Everly, I wanted to make sure “S” was properly memorialized:

    Wake Up Little Susie

  51. “Tony’s Theme” – Pixies

  52. ladymisskirroyale

    Can we use the same name twice (different song)? If so, U could be re-represented by “Ullyses,” this time by Dead Can Dance.

    Or would you consider Uncle Albert?

  53. Although he appreciates the thought, Phil is PISSED that you bogarted the next letter. Just look at his face! 🙂

  54. I think we should avoid repeating proper names in different songs, but I will accept titles, which will give us at least another round or two for the letter Q. “Uncle Albert” is Albert’s name, as far as his nephews and nieces are concerned.

  55. Suburban kid

    Victoria – The Kinks

  56. Sticking with the Kinks, “Do You Remember Walter.”

    Remember, X is most likely out of play. After Y, I think we can find another Z name song.

  57. ladymisskirroyale

    Yuri-G – PJ Harvey

  58. Tommy Guerrero – “Zapata’s Boots”

    Bam! Z again!

  59. You may be our Most Valuable Player to this point! Onto the letter A!

  60. Suburban kid

    Amos Moses – Jerry Reed

  61. Bruce Springsteen’s Zero & Blind Terry

  62. Let’s save this for the next time through the rotation!

    We need another B song, which shouldn’t be hard to find.

  63. Nevermind, it’s Blind Terry who is satisfying the needed B. Onto a C name song!

  64. “Caroline No,” The Beach Boys.

    Do I hear a D name song?

  65. “Daniel and the Sacred Harp”, by the Band.

  66. cherguevara

    Evangaline – Matthew Sweet (again)

  67. No, that was timing. I intended that for Z

  68. OK, if need be we’ll allow it the be used the next time Z comes up.

  69. Suburban kid

    Freddie’s Dead – Curtis Mayfield

  70. cliff sovinsanity

    Gary Gilmore’s Eyes – The Adverts

  71. Can I take H & I with one entry?

    Captain Beefheart – Harry Irene

  72. Mr. Moderator