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This is a simple one and may be a brief one. I can think of only a few songs that meet my criteria but I’m counting on the Hall to know more.

I need songs that give props to other singers. This is not the mere mention of someone’s name. And it’s gotta be more than one name. You’ll know what I’m looking for when you listen to this song. Multiple singers and songs are specified.

I’m starting off with this one because I think it will be unknown to many people. And because it’s a killer.

According to Joel Whitburn’s Top Pop Singles 1955-2002, this song didn’t chart. I can’t find out much about The Brothers Two. This was released on Crimson Records, a Philly label whose biggest hit (I’d guess) was The Soul Survivors’ “Expressway To Your Heart.” I can’t recall if it was a local hit in Philly, and I’d just be guessing as to where or when I got the single.

EPG, what do you know about this?

As with all Last Man Standing threads, don’t bogart this thread! Please limit yourself to one entry per post. In other words, if you’ve for 15 songs in mind, post them one at a time, ideally one after every other participant thinks he or she has drained the last entry.

Last Man Standing starts now!


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  1. BigSteve

    Arthur Conley, Sweet Soul Music.

    First Man Standing!

  2. I’ll get the most obvious, at least to me, entry out of the way: Arthur Conley’s “Sweet Soul Music.”

    Last Man Standing!

  3. Shoot, BigSteve just beat me to it. I’ll top him and all other contestants once I’m released from the penalty box!

  4. @Al, before anyone puts me back in the penalty box, I need a rules clarification: You’re looking specifically for songs that cite numerous singers – and not just their names, right? So, a song with multiple singers but no specific details…does that NOT qualify? How about a song with multiple names, but some of the names are better known as producers/songwriters than they are singers, despite them also making records? Thanks.

  5. I had been thinking multiple singers; songs happen to go along (“Otis Redding singing fa-fa-fa-fa”). But let’s not make that a requirement as much because I think this could be over too soon otherwise. Put up your thought and if I need to modify Mr. Mod I will.

  6. OK, I’ll go with Billy Bragg’s “Levi Stubbs’ Tears,” which along with the obvious Levi Stubbs also mentions a number of the writer-producers behind Motown records, people who also cut records as the lead singer, even if that’s not what they’re most known for.

  7. diskojoe

    How about Creeque Alley by the Mamas & the Papas which name checks most of the early folk rockers, as well as themselves?

  8. This is a pretty confusing topic, but I think I’ve got one. From the fade-out of “Real Real Gone,” by Van Morrison.

    Wilson Pickett said:
    “In the midnight hour,
    That’s when my love comes tumbling down”
    Solomon Burke said:
    “If you need me, why don’t you call me”
    James Brown said:
    “When you’re tired of what you got, try me”
    Gene Chandler said:
    “There’s a rainbow in my soul”

  9. They all qualify and Townsman Oats is currently LMS!

  10. BigSteve

    Does American Pie count?

  11. I Stole Some Love by Don Covay. He mentions that he was going to the auditorium to see BB King play the blues, and another close friend of his, Mr Bobby Bland, was there too. Unfortunately, by the end of the song, he’s found guilty by Judge Cupid of stealing the love of another man.

  12. cherguevara

    I need to listen to more Don Covay, “I was checkin’ out…” is a relatively recent favorite.

    Anyway, my entry here is “Trunk Fulla Amps” by Self, from their album made on toy instruments, Gizmodgery. Mentions Lenny Kravitz, Glen Danzig, Freddy Mercury…

  13. The Brothers Two 45 shows up a lot around Philadelphia. I get it all the time. It’s an easy sell.

    As far as last man standing is concerned, I’ll chime in with “I’m a Man” by Joe Tex, who has a LOAD of great singles including the almighty “If Sugar Was as Sweet as You.” If I recall, Moderator, you too are a BIG Tex fan.

  14. The “Tindal” on the label is probably T.J. Tindall, the guitarist in the Edison Electric Band which also included David Friedberg, better known as Freebo, who played bass with Bonnie Raitt for a long time in her early days.

  15. Doesn’t that Manayunk Homeboys song Christmas Eve Eve call out Bobby Helms’ “Jingle Bell Rock,” Jose Feliciano’s “Feliz Navidad,” and Elvis’ “Blue Christmas.”

    Sorry, I couldn’t resist.

  16. geo, there are no holds barred in a Last Man Standing. It wouldn’t surprise me if someone is writing a singer props song as I type to ensure holding the trump card as this plays out.

  17. Canadian content: “Crab in the Bucket” by K-OS mentions The Tragically Hip

  18. I’m ruling against American Pie because only Lennon is mentioned by name.

  19. cdm, that Don Covay song was a new one to me, justifying the thread.

    I’ll throw another one in, The Commodores “Night Shift” name-checking Marvin Gaye and Jackie Wilson.

    Last Man Standing!

  20. I made mention of people writing name checking songs to eventually win this thing, but when I’ve got the time, I suspect a boatload of Van Morrison songs will keep this going. To help me remember, I will then construct an enquiry into whether Morrison name checked more musicians or poets in his songs. But first…

    John Lennon’s “God.”

    Last Man Standing!

  21. diskojoe

    Another song that popped into my mind was Spider Turner’s version of “Stand by Me” in which he impersonated various soul legends on some of the verses. It was a top 40 hit in 1967.

  22. Do over wrought pieces of crap count? If so, I claim the belt with Rock and Roll Heaven by the Righteous Brothers.

  23. H. Munster

    “I Dig Rock and Roll Music” by Peter, Paul, and Mary.

  24. Happiness Stan

    No Elvis, Beatles or the Rolling Stones in 1977

    That’d be the Clash, then

  25. H. Munster

    “The Byrds and the Airplane did fly
    Oh, Ravi Shankar’s music made me cry
    The Who exploded into fire and light
    Hugh Masekela’s music was black as night
    The Grateful Dead blew everybody’s mind
    Jimi Hendrix, baby, believe me,
    set the world on fire, yeah”

    Monterey, Eric Burdon and the Animals

  26. Happiness Stan

    Part Time Punks by Television Personalities, references The Lurkers, the O Levels, Siouxsie and the Banshees and the Clash, also Read About Seymour, the first Swell Maps single, though the band aren’t mentioned by name.

  27. H. Munster

    “It Wouldn’t Happen with Me” by Johnny Rivers
    He references Elvis, the Beatles, Ringo, and Ricky Nelson.

  28. Happiness Stan

    Meanwhile, on the Trans Europe Express, Kraftwerk went to meet Iggy Pop and David Bowie

  29. Bobby Bare Jr’s “Dig Down” gives props to Pete Townshend, Jimmy Page, The Beatles, Hendrix, Black Francis and Chuck Berry, all to a track that references “Sympathy for The Devil,” and tosses in a diss of “Fred Bisquit” for good measure.

    I am last man standing.

  30. ladymisskirroyale

    But not for long:
    In the Tom Tom Club’s Genius of Love, they mention Sly and Robbie, Kurtis Blow, Hamilton Bohannon, Bootsy Collins and James Brown (said in Jerry Harrison’s low register).

  31. Happiness Stan

    Surprised no mention yet of Mr Dylan’s test of endurance, Murder Most Foul.

    Beatles, Patsy Cline, Etta James and about a million others.

  32. H. Munster

    “Heavy Music” by Bob Seger and the Last Heard. This is from 1967, when he sounded closer to the MC5 than to Barry Manilow. He refers to NSU, SRC (a Detroit band), and Stevie Winwood.

  33. ladymisskirroyale

    The ultimate Props song comes from the musical magpie, James Murphy/LCD Soundsystem. On “Losing My Edge,” he mentions (by my count) 56 bands, starting with Can and ending The Sonics. Others include The Slits, Pere Ubu, aha, ESG, Lou Reed, and Suicide. It’s a funny song that I find increasingly relevant as I get older (and in these days of being unable to go out to see live shows).

  34. The LCD track crossed my mind, but when I listened he didn’t seem to mention any actual songs. That is my favorite by far if it does qualify.

    I feel like I might have originally been turned on to that one back on RTH Mercury, by BigSteve!

  35. mockcarr

    History Lesson Part II by the Minutemen references lead singers E Bloom, Joe Strummer, John Doe, and I suppose Richard Hell.

  36. Happiness Stan

    Mott the Hoople/Bowie’s All the Young Dudes shouts out for Beatles and T Rex, plus the Stones – does it count if the Rolling is missing?

  37. Stan is Standing!

  38. From “I Must Not Think Bad Thoughts” by X:

    “But what about the Minutemen, Flesh Eaters, D.O.A, Big Boys, and Black Flag?”

  39. H. Munster

    “Story of Bo Diddley” by the Animals. They reference Bob Dylan, Johnny Otis, The Rolling Stones, The Mersey Beats, and of course, Ellis McDaniels himself.

  40. Happiness Stan

    Jonathan Jonathan by the Rockingbirds, references Jonathan Richman, the Velvet Underground, Gram Parsons, Kim Fowley and all the individual members of the Modern Lovers ‘ 77 line up.

  41. ladymisskirroyale

    The House of Love had a song, “The Beatles and the Stones.”

  42. cherguevara

    Little Richard – I’m the King of Rock and Roll
    Mentions several artists, some of those mentions are complimentary:
    “Ike and Tina Turner got an earthquake sound”
    “Aretha Franklin is the queen of soul”

    The mention of Three Dog Night, “bark worse than bite” and other artists, are more neutral (not giving props so much).

  43. H. Munster

    “Do You Remember Rock “n Roll Radio” by the Ramones

    “Will you remember Jerry Lee
    John Lennon, T. Rex and old Moulty?”

    Moulty was the one-armed drummer of the Barbarians.

  44. ladymisskirroyale

    Pavement’s “Range Life” references two bands they were touring with, the Smashing Pumpkins and those “foxy” Stone Temple Pilots.

  45. Hardly props there, though.

  46. I didn’t define/control the props part of this enough; I guess I relied on the title too much,

    I’ve been holding the ace of trumps here, waiting to win the competition but I can wait no longer. Here’s the best song mentioned so far. I present Dyke & the Blazers’ “We Got More Soul”!

  47. ladymisskirroyale

    Geo, right you are but I couldn’t resist posting a Pavement track to irritate Mr. Moderator.

    Maybe he will be more forgiving for GLove’s “Blue’s Love.”

  48. Happiness Stan

    Tommy Dee’s Three Stars, Ritchie Valens, Buddy Holly and the Big Bopper immortalised in cheese

  49. H. Munster

    John Mellencam. “R-O-C-K in the USA”

    Frankie Lyman, Bobby Fuller, Mitch Ryder, Jackie Wilson, Shangri-Las, Young Rascals, Martha Reeves, James Brown

  50. Happiness Stan

    Half Man Half Biscuit, Eno Collaboration also mentions Bono, Yoko Ono and Christie Hynde

  51. Happiness Stan


  52. This thread won’t have long to go; get your entries in soon!

  53. H. Munster

    The Who “the Seeker”

    “I asked Bobby Dylan, I asked the Beatles”

  54. Weezer – Buddy Holly.

    I am LMS!

  55. H. Munster

    Andy — Is there more than one name mentioned? Mary Tyler Moore doesn’t count.

  56. How about the chorus “ooo we ooo I look just like Buddy Holly”?

    I’ve got others if Mr Mod rules this invalid!

  57. I’ll let al be the final judge, but I believe we need multiple artists mentioned as well as songs by them. I was going to put forth Eric Burden and the Animals’ “Monterey,” but it doesn’t mention any songs along with the artists.

  58. The rules clearly state “it’s gotta be more than one name”. No songs need be mentioned. I was looking for the idea of “props” too – “Spotlight on Sam and Dave now,Ah don’t they look boss y’all” – but I didn’t really define that well enough so that has fallen by the wayside.

    “Buddy Holly” is out. H. Munster is the Last Man Standing currently since Mr. Mod has not in fact put forth anything to take away the belt.

    (And I gotta say, I’m mighty disappointed in no one giving any props to Dyke’s “We Got More Soul”.)

  59. OK. Fair enough. My bad.

    How about Philly’s own Dead Milkmen with “Punk Rock Girl” – Name checking Beach Boys, Mojo Nixon, and Minnie Perl to cross genres.

    I am Last Man Standing (pending judges confirmation)

  60. Happiness Stan

    Peter Sarstedt’s Where Do You Go To My Lovely, name checks the Stones and Sacha Distel.

  61. andyyr, confirmed, you are the next to last man standing!

  62. All right, then let me claim the belt with Eric Burdon & the Animals’ props-laden “Monterey.” Groove out with this, won’t you?

  63. Already used, Mr Mod. So Sorry.

  64. As we bid farewell to May, we bid farewell to this edition of LMS and while I can’t suck up to Mr. Mod and declare him LMS I can say that Happiness Stan is the Last Man Standing!

    The final results are in but you can still keep playing the game!

  65. H. Munster

    Danny and the Juniors “Twistin’ All Night Long”
    Mentions Chubby Checker, Fats Domino, Connie Francis, Johnny Mathis, Freddie Cannon, and then they mention themselves.

  66. Dig it – The Beatles At only 50 seconds it manages to name check BB King & Doris Day

  67. Happiness Stan

    Cool, thanks!

  68. H. Munster

    Rick Nelson and the Stone Canyon Band “Garden Party”
    Dylan and Yoko

  69. Surprise last man standing from a different thread!

    The Revolution Will Not Be Televised “ Jim Webb, Francis Scott Keys, Glen Campbell, Tom Jones, Johnny Cash
    Engelbert Humperdinck, and The Rare Earth”

    I believe I am possession of no less than two belts!

  70. Props on that one, CDM!

  71. While it definitely doesn’t count as “props,” Mojo Nixon’s Don Henley Must Die also name checks Glen Frey. Is there a statute of limitations on the LSM?

    And I’m sure you are all aware of the night Henley actually jumped on stage with Mojo and sang this with him.

  72. Ah, I misread the post that closed this edition. Ah well, there’s sure to be more to come.

  73. Just discovered a new song for this category – Jackie Paine – Go Go Train.

    The CD player in the car is history so I’m forced to listen to the radio. A local college station – Trinity College in Hartford – has a soul program on Thursday evening and they played this one,

  74. Just discovered this one on a Red Bird Story compilation –

    Ronnie Mitchell – Having A Party

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