Jun 112013

On the drive into work this morning it occurred to me that the English like writing songs involving “chips,” or French fries to us, if my UK-to-US English converter app is functioning properly. I quickly thought of 3 songs from the late-’70s that center around chips. I bet there are a lot more than 3 songs involving chips.

For purposes of this Last Man Standing, songs about either kind of chips will be accepted: the English chips (ie, fries) or what Americans typically think of as chips (ie, potato chips). However, songs specifically mentioning “fries” will NOT be accepted. Fries may go with that shake, but they do not go with this thread. The lyric must be “chips.”

One other exception: songs mentioning some supposedly healthy chips, like baked kale chips, will NOT be eligible.


  25 Responses to “Last Man Standing: Songs About Chips”

  1. bostonhistorian

    Kirsty MacColl “There’s a Guy Works Down the Chip Shop Swears He’s Elvis”

  2. cherguevara

    Slim Gaillard, “potato chips” (though isn’t a rock song per se…)

  3. Suburban kid

    Shadows Of Knight – Potato Chip


  4. Might as well take one of Mr Mod’s 3 songs off the list – Costello – Fish & Chip Paper

  5. Like Your Dad Did by John Hiatt

    “You’ve seen the old man’s ghost, com back as cream chipped beef on toast”

  6. Good line, but that ain’t chips in any culture!

  7. 2000 Man

    Fish N Chips – Eddie & The Hot Rods

  8. This is an outrage!

  9. misterioso

    Funkadelic, “Fish, Chips and Sweat.”

  10. That pre-fame Beatles cover Three Cool Cats has a line about the 3 chicks “splitting up a bag of potato(e) chips”.

  11. The Specials’ Friday Night, Saturday Morning: “Hope the chip shop isn’t closed”

  12. bostonhistorian

    Jilted John, “Jilted John”

    I was so upset that I cried,
    all the way to the chip shop
    When I came out there was Gordon,
    standing at the bus stop

  13. I hate to do it cause its a lame song by one of my favorite bands….
    “Chips” by The Saw Doctors

    she was dancin` with me for two or three songs
    i was doin` alright until he came along
    now she`s holdin` his hand and they walk out the door
    it`s just a big bag of chips and a burger to go

  14. Calm down, Tony Harrison!

  15. bostonhistorian

    Madness “Fish And Chips”

  16. hrrundivbakshi

    Fairly certain Mod will hate this song.

  17. hrrundivbakshi

    “Potato Chips,” Slim Gaillard

  18. WOWZERS! Were you ever right with your prediction, HVB. I knew I wasn’t going to like that song 2 beats into the opening measure.

  19. cherguevarra already listed that one. That’s gonna cost you 2 minutes in the RTH Penalty Box.

  20. misterioso

    Surely that song was designed to be annoyingly precious? If so, it nails it.

  21. bostonhistorian

    Madness, “Day On The Town”

    “Chip on your shoulder, chips in your mouth,
    Can you see the old lady, with tickets to tout.
    Getting the tourists into their traps,
    Taking their money, the shirts off their backs,
    Summer in london.”

  22. Here’s a retaliation penalty fa yas. Couldn’t think of chips, only Gershon Kingsley, with a little Apache apertif…

  23. andre williams, “she’s a bag of potato chips”


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