Nov 162012

Get up!

As we tussle in one-upmanship over each other on yet another LMS, what better theme could there be than the act of standing itself? This time around, get up on your feet and enumerate song titles with “stand” or whatever participle or variation you’re into. Don’t take it lying down!


  69 Responses to “Last Man Standing: Stand!”

  1. Sorry, no one stands taller than Sly. It’s over before it began.

  2. Get up Stand up

  3. 2000 Man

    Reggae Town Hall rears its ugly head again!

  4. 2000 Man

    I Can’t Stand It – Eric Clapton

  5. Standing in the shadows of Love

  6. Suburban kid

    I Can’t Stand It — Velvet Underground

  7. I will never pass up an opporuntiy to excavate pre-Dreamweaver Gary Wright!

    Stand For Our RIghts

  8. bostonhistorian

    English Beat “Stand Down Margaret”

  9. machinery

    I can’t stand up for falling down — costello

  10. Just checked my iPod for tracks beginning with the word Stand (cheating, yes, but I’m bored at work this Friday afternoon, so thank you RTH for the diversion):

    Stand by Me, Yeah by Sloan
    Stand on Your Own Head by They Might Be Giants
    Stand Out by Love
    Standing in the Rain by Husker Du
    Standing on the Verge of Getting It On by Funkadelic
    and 2 by Velvet Crush: Standing Down and Standing Still.

    Back to work for me!

  11. Oh, Stand! by Sly was on the iPod too. That was one of the first LPs I ever bought as a kid with my own hard earned money!

  12. Cheating is one thing, markkay, but as a rule in any Last Man Standing we ask that folks keep things to one entry per post. Don’t Bogart the thread!


    That said, glad we could break up the boredom.

  13. “I Can’t Stand the Rain,” Annie Peebles. (Can’t believe The Great One didn’t beat me to it.)

  14. Suburban kid

    “It Will Stand” – The Showmen

  15. Oh, sorry about that. Won’t happen again!

  16. 70’s Nugget “Stand Tall” by Burton Cummings

  17. Suburban kid

    “I Can’t Stand my Baby” – The Rezillos

  18. “Stand and Deliver” — Adam & The Ants

  19. So why is she your baby if you can’t stand her . Is it an emotionally masochistic relationship? Just saying. Gee I do know its just a title

  20. “Standing out on the Highway” Dire Sraits

  21. I meant “Dire Straits” Dire Straits is a band who never made it.

  22. Why are we holding back so long on REM’s “Stand”? Does anyone really think that’s going to be the ace in the hole?


  23. ladymisskirroyale

    Or the Tina Turner version.

  24. ladymisskirroyale

    I Saw Her Standing There (first b side I ever owned).

  25. ladymisskirroyale

    Another one for Mod: What’s So Funny About Peace, Love and UnderSTANDing?

  26. Slim Jade

    One for us teachers: “Don’t Stand So Close to Me”

  27. Suburban kid

    Same here, ladymissk. Hooked on a Feeling was the first I ever bought, but a few years earlier a babysitter gave me her old scratched Beatles 45 so that was the first I owned.

  28. Suburban kid

    “Have You Seen Your Mother, Baby, Standing in the Shadows?”

  29. cliff sovinsanity

    Stand Up And Fight – Bush Tetras

  30. Slim Jade

    Train In Vain keeps popping into my head, but that doesn’t quite count.

  31. cliff sovinsanity

    I seem to recall seeing it listed Train In Vain (Stand By Me) in some versions of the album. I think on the CD version it’s printed on the disc.

  32. “The Stand” by the Alarm. I think that refers to the Stephen King book.

    I have my doubts about this one. It is about making a stand against an enemy, not standing up on your feet. Applying this STANDard would disqualify #3, 5, 11 and 14.

  33. Suburban kid

    Um. . . .

    Stand By Me? Ben E. King? No. 26????

  34. 2000 Man

    Stand Up Laughing Falling Down to Cry – The Izzys

  35. ladymisskirroyale

    I got MY Beatles 45 through a babysitter, too. If she only knew the long-term effects of that simple act…

  36. ladymisskirroyale

    Another one from The Police: Can’t Stand Losing You

  37. Mrs CDM chimes in with Stand By Your Man

  38. Suburban kid

    Stand Together – Beastie Boys

  39. Slim Jade

    Can’t Stand Me Now-The Libertines

  40. Slim Jade

    you may sit down.

  41. “Solitude Standing” Suzanne Vega

  42. cliff sovinsanity

    Yonder Stands The Sinner – Neil Young

  43. Suburban kid

    Damn, I was holding on to that one.

  44. Suburban kid

    I Can’t Hardly Stand It – The Cramps/Charlie Feathers

  45. H. Munster

    I Can’t Stand Myself (When You Touch Me) — James Brown

  46. Slim Jade

    Graham Coxon – Standing On My Own Again

  47. H. Munster

    Please Don’t Just Stand There — Patty Duke

  48. Suburban kid

    The Sting-Rays – Standing In Line

  49. Mrs CDM says Stand or Fall by the Fixx.

  50. cliff sovinsanity

    I’ll Stand By You – The Pretenders

  51. H. Munster

    I Stand Tall — The Dictators

  52. “Standing in the Doorway” Bob Dylan or Soul Asylum (you choose).

  53. Slim Jade

    No Age – Don’t Stand Still

  54. Suburban kid

    “Stand Up” – Minor Threat

  55. cliff sovinsanity

    Standing Still – REM

  56. Suburban kid

    I only have two more that are from very obscure groups. I already used one pretty obscure one, so I’ll sit down now.

  57. Slim Jade

    Led Zep – Achilles Last Stand

  58. Mrs CDM says “I can’t believe that Can’t Stand It by Wilco was still on the table, now fork over the belt!”

  59. Elton John’s “I’m Still Standing.”

    I hope you and Mrs CDM enjoyed your time with the belt!

  60. H. Munster

    Yet another “I Can’t Stand It,” this time by the Chambers Brothers.

  61. mockcarr

    Standing On The Shoulders Of Giants – Bill Lloyd

  62. “United We STAND”- Brotherhood of Man

    I am LMS!

  63. A classic, but I still gotta give it to Sly.

  64. “STAND By Your Man,” bitches! Tammy is the Last Woman Standing.

  65. Mrs CDM shakes her head while giving you a disapproving look and directs you attention to #29.

  66. BigSteve

    Jimmie Rodgers, Standin’ on the Corner [Blue Yodel No. 9]

  67. Bruce, “Stand On It”


  68. H. Munster

    “United We Stand” — The Brotherhood of Man

  69. H. Munster

    Oh! I just noticed andyr already posted that one. So let’s go for “Stand by Your Woman Man” by Ronnie Milsap

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