Liverpool C.S.I.

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Oct 182013


beatles butcher album cover session

I recently read a review for the following book,, so I can’t claim to have thought of this idea but In the book, above (keeping in mind I haven’t read it), it sounds like Maxwell, the killer, brings his silver hammer down upon the head of his victims.

Here’s a part of the book’s description:

Youthimax is a cure-all miracle drug from Johnson and Johnson which has all but eliminated death in modern society. Which is great news. Unless you work at a funeral home. The O’Rourke Funeral Home in West Philadelphia has fallen into obscurity, along with it’s two sole employees. Max and Bligh waste the days away sleeping in coffins and counting shovels until that fateful day that they decide to become serial killers. The drunken Bligh finds serendipitous instructions in the Beatles tune “Maxwell’s Silver Hammer” and convinces his partner that it’s only right that Maxwell kill with a silver hammer. With little business and less regret, Maxwell and his alcoholic train wreck of a partner become the most infamous serial killers in Philadelphia history…

This sounds like a job that the minds of RTH can take off and run with. So, give us your best elevator pitch.


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  1. Mod, thanks for cleaning up my post here.

    OK, here’s what I mean:

    Scene: Empty old building by the Liverpool docks:

    The investigators hear a baby crying and are led to a large room in disarray. The room is lit in red and unrelated shards of video footage are projected on the bloody walls. The crying stops abruptly, like a tape edit, and is replaced by voices saying things like “Turn me on, dead man” “Number 9” and some untranslatable Asian woman wailing tunelessly. The concréte walls of the room are crumbling, there are unwound spools of recording tape hanging from the light fixtures and in the center is a revolving wooden wheel, spinning clockwise at 33 RPM. The investigators gasp and shield their eyes at the grisly scene: 9 bodies with all manner of external wounds are strapped to the turntable. The chief investigator whips off his sunglasses (which CSI is this, I forget?) with a dramatic flourish and says, “Now we know just how sick and twisted this Beatles-killer really is. What’s next for this guy, forcing Ringo to murder an innocent children’s song? The horror.”

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