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Since the topic of make-out music came up in a recent thread, I think this is as good a time as any for us to share memories of our earliest make-out music experiences.

I recall my first make-out session in the basement of an eighth grade classmate being accompanied by some form of slow-dancing/groping to Led Zeppelin‘s “Stairway to Heaven” leading into actual making out alongside a wood-paneled wall to Fleetwood Mac‘s “Dreams.” It was pretty cool. Sadly, times and music tastes would change drastically before my next meaningful make-out session.

I look forward to your tales of formative make-out tunes. For those of you who choose not to share, I promise not to assume that you’re still waiting for that first make-out session.


  13 Responses to “Make-Out Music”

  1. Just got off the phone with BigSteve. His computer’s on the fritz. He just wanted everyone to know that his favorite make out LP is the Air Supply LP with the balloon on the cover. I’m not familiar with the LP, but I’m confident that it’s most probably a much stronger piece of work than Sunflower.

    E. Pluribus

    P.S. Hey Jimbo, that was really cool seeing those Game Theory LPs on your record shelves.

  2. BigSteve

    Whatever. I’m done. “How much more grievous are the consequences of anger than the causes of it.” (Marcus Aurelius)

  3. Mr. Moderator

    Answer the question, Gergs.

  4. general slocum

    Every gangly youth’s savior in the late seventies’ school dance scenario: “Colour My World.” This is the main reason I don’t pile on when people dis all but their first few records. Tho I should clarify, it wasn’t making out, but just slow dancing and touching a girl in ways and with intentions previously unacceptable. But nonetheless earth shattering.

    I also was making out as a young man with a tape playing, whatever happened to be in the stereo (not any kind of turn down the lights, suave music operation, but suddenly there we were – music can indeed just about kill you in this situation!), and on comes the version of “Goodnight, Sweetheart” by our own Mr. Mod. Well, all things considered it’s not too off the mark, but his sped up voice and the fact it was him, I suddenly was smooching entirely in the third person, and enjoyed watching this segment, cinematically, while helping my first-person self not to giggle.

  5. Mr. Moderator

    I’d completely forgotten about that cover of “Goodnight, Sweetheart.” Glad my collaborator (Fingeroff or Hammen, I can’t recall) and I could, uh, help.

  6. Anything by the Cocteau Twins was the soundtrack to many a teenage makeout session. Memories…

  7. Roxy Music, “Love is the Drug”

  8. REM’s “Reckoning” and Ramones’ “Pleasant Dreams.” Honorable mention: Echo & The Bunnymen’s “Ocean Rain.”

  9. sammymaudlin

    Our 7th & 8th Grade make-out parties had an almost religious playlist and went by album. The following worked so well the first time that we decided we’d stick to it.

    Pre- make-out we’d play Cheaptrick’s In Color and maybe Aerosmith’s Toys in the Attic (if the party started really early) and follow-up with Heart’s Little Queen as a segue to the hot, clumsy action

    Then in no particular order:

    Fleetwood Mac: Rumours (we Reach Mod)
    Elton John: Yellow Brick Road & Captain Fantastic
    Frampton Comes Alive
    ELO: New World Order
    Dark Side of the Moon was always last and only for those of us with no curfews or were sleeping over.

  10. Hey Steve,

    Relax. I’m just having fun.

    Hope all is well,
    E. Pluribus

  11. hrrundivbakshi

    Let’s see… a random flow of memories:

    My oft-referred-to junior high slow dance with buck-toothed Diane Bickford, to the strains of “Wild Horses.”

    A couple of years later, more slow dancing, but this time, with Malaika Somebody-or-other, to “Still In Love With You” off of (!) Thin Lizzy’s “Live and Dangerous.” This tune was a real favorite because, a.) it was Thin Fucking Lizzy, so it was still, you know, *rockin’* — and b.) it was, like, seven minutes long, so you could try — *really try* — to get your hands onto all the places they weren’t supposed to go. Anyhow, I remember very purposefully letting my hands slip down to Malaika’s posterior, and — shit! She’s letting me! Man, do I dare, you know, *grope*? I tried! She shifted uncomfortably, but didn’t stop me! Maybe she’s into it! I tried some more — still seems okay. Here we go now, a clear-violation ass squeeze….

    She stopped me. Shit! Pushed my hand away. How mortifying! The rest of the dance, I felt like a store mannequin, frozen in place, feet clonking in ungainly fashion, not sure what to do with my hands. Awful.

    I also remember mooning over my first real girlfriend — GOD, she was hot, a hippie artist chick with huge boobs — listening to Pete Townshend’s “Empty Glass” over and over. I remember meticulously planning a big make-out session so that we’d be in the clinch as “A Little Is Enough” reached its lyrical crescendo, but things got well underway long before that, and I think we finally pushed one another away, panting, to the peculiar sound of “Keep On Working” or “Jools and Jim” or something. Yeesh.

  12. victorialand by the cocteau twins.
    making out
    actual sex
    or coming down from psychadelics.

  13. Mr. Moderator

    So that makes two Townspeople who’ve memorably made out to Cocteau Twins. Fascinating!

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