Oct 032013

No tremendous insights to share, but MAN do I love this song! Students of pinky rock take note. As an added bonus, that’s future Eagles guitarist Bernie Leadon leading the Gram Parsons-less Flying Burrito Brothers through this simple, energetic exercise in pinky rock, yet another reason to hate [the] Eagles.


  2 Responses to “Masters of Pinky Rock: Bernie Leadon and The Flying Burrito Brothers”

  1. misterioso

    Bernie Leadon. What a puzzle. Associated with some of the best in country rock–Dillard & Clark, Burritos. And, then again, [the] Eagles. Inspired by this posting, I just listened to [the] Eagles’ version of the Clark/Leadon song “Train Leaves Here This Morning” on the first Eagles lp. I am sure I’d heard it sometime but had no memory of it. I love the song on Fantastic Expedition. [The] Eagles’ version isn’t terrible but it is inferior to the Dillard & Clark version. It speaks in Leadon’s favor that he left [the] Eagles as they were reaching their peak of popularity, I guess; but, then again, he co-wrote “Witchy Woman.” And that’s just not right.

  2. It’s rare to see such a perfect example of COUNTRY ROCK.

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