Jul 292013

Mick Farren‘s one of those legendary rock ‘n roll underground characters I’ve read much about dating back to a youth pouring over Trouser Press, yet still know little of. Every few years I tried to grab a hold of him, but he’d slip away. I’ve heard music of his bands, The Pink Fairies, Motorhead, and The Deviants, and I know he crossed paths with many musicians I love from the hippie and punk scenes, but I never got a grip on the man himself. I hope you did.

Now he’s dead, having died onstage at a recent show. Feel free to help me understand more about the scene-stirrer whose life and works I, mostly, missed. (Oh, how I know our old friend Happiness Stan would have some choice experiences, likely involving a lady friend and an outdoor festival, with the music of Farren ringing in his ears.)



  One Response to “Mick Farren, Hippie Proto-Punk, Dead”

  1. I watched the Frost Show in my English provincial living room but knew that Mick was not the spokesman for our counter culture in the way Jerry Rubin tried to become in the USA. In the early 70s Farren would load up a bus with freaks then drive to my college to stage a “happening” which usually ended with a bunch of semi-feral kids hitting things for a long time. Interesting nights.
    It is best left to his friend & fellow journo Charles Shaar Murray to pay proper & due respect to the man.

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