Nov 262012

I know very little about Mike Bloomfield. I know he could play. I know he appeared on some bad jam session albums with his old bud Al Kooper. I know he burned out way too soon. I’d never heard him speak until stumbling across this clip. He comes off as a good egg. I’m not happy that I’m headed back to work after a long holiday weekend and that my colleagues and I have a ton of stuff to do before the year is up, so I’ll take all the good eggs I can get to start this week. Thankfully my colleagues are good eggs too. Start your work week with a good egg.


  One Response to “Mike Bloomfield: Good Egg”

  1. cherguevara

    Heard Kooper give a talk once, where he said that Bloomfield bailed on the “Super Session” sessions, leaving Kooper hanging for something to record the next day. Thus he called Stephen Stills and carried on.

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