Jan 082013

Considering the artist, too bad it’s not an ICEE cup.

The above image was provided by Townsman Tvox, who found it on some social media site. It’s hard even for a man of my age to remember that Edgar Winter once qualified as a memorabilia-worthy rock artist, but I found this piece of memorabilia especially surprising. Is there a more unlikely piece of rock memorabilia? If so, please post a link to visual evidence.


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  1. bostonhistorian

    Not unlikely at all. 7-11 was founded in Dallas and Edgar Winter is from Texas. Here is a description of more of the cups from an auction site: “These 18 music related 7-11 cups are Mac Davis, B.T.O., Merle Haggard, Edgar Winter, Paul Williams, Johnny Cash, Anne Murray, Charlie Rich, Johnny Mathis, Glen Campbell, Neil Sedaka, Bo Donaldson and the Haywoods, Average White Band, Billy Preton, J.Geils Band, Freddy Fender, David Essex and The De Franco Family. All cups are in very nice condition except for Mac Davis is cracked, The De Franco Family has a piece missing on the bottom rim and Charlie Rich was small piece missing on bottom rim. This is a very nice set of cups considering they are from the 70’s. ” http://www.worthpoint.com/worthopedia/lot-vintage-11-slurpee-cups-142654306

  2. bostonhistorian

    I think Bo Donaldson and the Billy Don’t Be A Hero Haywoods are far more unlikely….

  3. Thanks for posting the description. To me the faceless Bo Donaldson is more likely because his song was a bullseye on the 12-year-old Slurpee demographic, of which I was a part at the time these cups were released. I knew of “Frankenstein,” but Edgar Winter was high school stoner music. I don’t know, maybe the stoners were into Slurpees as well. I would think Edgar Winter’s face would have been more appropriate on a bag of Frito’s (ie, in the pre-Dorito’s era).

  4. I love this line from the auctioneer’s description:

    This is a very nice set of cups considering…

    By what cup standards could these possibly be considered “a very nice set”? “Cool”? Sure. “Amazing,” by the fact that they exist? Definitely. But “a very nice set,” as if it a set of floral tea cups with a chip in one cup? No.

  5. I’d say it’s somewhere on this site: http://kiss.fanfire.com/cgi-bin/WebObjects/Store.woa/wa/artist?sourceCode=KISWEBWWUSD&categoryName=KISS+Caskets+%26+Urns&artistName=KISS

    Personal taste here but I would go with the standard coffin. The premium coffin coffin costs $700 dollars more and quite frankly, it’s tacky.

  6. Who says you can’t take it with you?

  7. Suburban kid

    There’s a jeep in my town whose spare tire mounted on the back has a Ramones logo.

  8. Suburban kid

    I know the Ramones became a brand at some point after they starting dying, but a spare wheel cover on a jeep just seems a little bit out there.

  9. Yeah, most of those guys didn’t seem like they had a license.

  10. I can totally see Johnny as a guy with a old jeep. I’m sure it helped him get from place to place in order to administer beat-downs on various Ramones members and hangers-on.

    This is not rock memorabilia per se, but Marky is really cornering the market these days on superfluous cash-ins.


  11. Yeah, you’ve got a point about Johnny. The rest of the guys seemed like proud pedestrians.

  12. Slim Jade

    Maybe better to serve that drink in a Franken-Stein glass.

  13. cliff sovinsanity

    I’m too fatigued to make a witty remark about this item, but I’m sure some of you are more than capable. Feel free to use the words hard, heavy, thrash, etc.. The website offers “For when you’re going South of Heaven! “.

  14. I prefer the Roger Daltrey “Ride A Rock Horse” brand.

  15. Bronzed Nordic God

    I thought being a Slayer fan was all the birth control a guy needed.

  16. As far as I’m concerned, you can’t slap the Ramones logos on enough products. That eagle with the baseball bat logo is awesome.

  17. BigSteve

    That’s hilarious. The drummer in Canned Heat was ‘Fito de la Parra,’ not ‘Frito de la Para.’

  18. misterioso

    Oh my God, those are amazing. Imagine drinking from a cup with the creepy Paul Williams on it. But a David Essex cup? Rock on!

    I would like to note that Freddy Fender looks like Gabe Kaplan, at least in his 7-11 cup incarnation.

  19. The Debbie Boone Doll


    Remember those Collegeville Halloween costumes for kids (ages 4 to 8) that you could buy at Gemco and the supermarket. They were the in a box that had a plastic face mask and a vinyl pull over. Just click…..


    it’s not my pic but I do own one, its a treasure ….they also made the “Indian”

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