Jan 092013

Watching this video over breakfast today made me nostalgic for my rockin’ high school hairdo. Maybe some of you reading this are still in high school or still rocking your high school ‘do. Some might say that, minus a few brush strokes under  a blow dryer, my hairdo has barely changed. What rockin’ hairdo best represents your past glories?


  3 Responses to “Your Rockin’ High School Hairdo”

  1. ladymisskirroyale


  2. diskojoe

    I have a DVD w/this performance, along w/others from the Sleepwalker/Misfits era that had a picture of the early Kinks on it, implying that the videos were from the 64-66 era not the 77-78 era. An interesting combination of “ripoff” & “pleasant surprise”

    As for the subject itself, I still basically have my high school ‘do, as well as 85% of my high school hair color. It’s an interesting experience to get nagged at to cut my hair at 50 when mostly everyone else is bald or getting there.

  3. trigmogigmo

    Recently reported BART technician behavior needs no further explanation.

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