Apr 232013

Enough is enough already. Jello Biafra over a Black Sabbath sample put together by:

Track 1, Shut Up, Be Happy on his 1989 release The Iceberg.

Anyone know if Jello’s audio existed before? Is it too, “a sample,” or did he do it for Ice -T?


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  1. Bronzed Nordic God

    It is from a spoken word record Jello did a couple of years earlier called No More Cocoons. The track is Message From Our Sponsors. I’m guessing the combining of this with Black Sabbath was Ice-T’s idea.


  2. sammymaudlin

    I figured it was probably from one of his early spoken word releases but when I checked the sample audio I didn’t hear it. But of course they only give you a few seconds.

    How did you know this? Do you have this or any of his spoken word releases. I love the first two DK records and like the third but have never dipped a toe into his spoken word stuff.

  3. Bronzed Nordic God

    I admittedly had to use my Google-fu to locate the exact track, but I had heard a fair amount of Jello’s stuff in my day. My friends and I were big Ministry fans, which led us to the Jello-Ministry collabo of Lard, which led us to some of Jello’s spoken word stuff. The spoken word stuff was kind of a tough slog though and we never got far with it.

  4. sammymaudlin

    That’s what I would guess. How’s the Lard stuff?

  5. sammymaudlin

    Just tried the Lard stuff. Made me nervous.

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