Nov 182009

Phil’s 1978 solo release, K-Scope, was recorded in the home studio of Chris Squier and featured Tim Finn on most lead vocals, Neil on on at least one backup and Split Enz/Crowded House keyboardest Eddie Rayner. John Wetton and Bill MacCormick were all over it as well. I think if I had played the above track, Cuban Crises, folks would’ve gotten the Finn part but not the Manzanera part?

Here’s my favorite track from this fun but hit or miss album:

If you dig ’70 era Roxy, Eno, Ferry then I’d suggest Phil’s first solo album Diamond Head. I’m sure there are other opinions out there.

alexmagic is clearly The Man here and those of you thinking Squeeze and The Specials were definitely in the stadium.


  5 Responses to “Mystery Date Revealed: Phil Manzanera (with a chunk of the Split Enz)”

  1. hrrundivbakshi

    Wow, I’m fascinated by the voice and how I knew-but-didn’t-know whose it was.

  2. Mr. Moderator

    Very cool! Our comments were very interesting. We really danced around it just the way a Mystery Date can only hope for us to dance around it. Bravo, sammy! I had NEVER heard a lick of that album, and I own my share of Roxy Music and related releases by that crew.

    Funny that it’s Tim Finn on vocals. Along with Tillbrook I also thought of Neil Finn, but I figured there’s no way Neil’s pitch could be so shaky. Tim’s not as good a singer.

  3. I wasn’t aware of that album, and didn’t know who it was. I have all of the Split Enz albums, so I was fairly baffled – I knew the voice straight off, but it sounded way too much like Roxy Music and had an aspect of virtuosic showboating that was not Enz-like. That intro is masturbatory at best. Meh.

  4. BigSteve

    Alex if you like Eno and Roxy, you really should check out the first Manzanera album, Diamond Head. It’s got a couple of great songs co-written and sung by Eno, a Robert Wyatt song, cool instrumentals, it’s got it all. And it’s fresher than this K-Scope album.

  5. junkintheyard

    The first track is downright awesome! As a huge fan of the rocksteady/ska/reggae lineage, I am pleased with the delivery, especially the drums. Most non reggae bands who try the one drop or similar beats just don’t have it. Nice find.

    I dig the other track but not as much. Once I pinpoint why, I’ll let you know. I will keep an eye out for more of this!

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