Oct 282020

It’s time for another installment of Name That Tune! Has it really only been 7 years since we last played this?

To refresh your memory on how to play, I have taken lyrics from a well known song and run it through Google translate going from English to Greek, to Norwegian, to Latin, to German, to Thai, to Russian, to Icelandic and then back to English.

All you have to do is identify the song.

“In the dark cold wind
In your hair
Served hot In paradise
Previously in the background
He saw a flashing light.
This is a picture in my head and the thorn is so dark!
Now even at night”

The genre is classic rock.

I will provide additional clues if requested.

Feel free to stump us with re-translated lyrics of your own.


  41 Responses to “Name That Tune, ESL Edition Part 3”

  1. 2000 Man

    I don’t know but it got Hotel California to get stuck in my head.

    Thanks for that.

  2. Wow that is tough. I’m guessing that paradise was a translation from the word heaven. Thorn I’m guessing is translated from rose, but I have no idea what this is.

  3. 2000 Man is correct! Nicely done. I’ll post another later today unless someone beats me to it.

  4. diskojoe

    I’m making a wild guess & say that it’s “Paradise by the Dashboard Light” by Meat Loaf

  5. Holy Cow. Well done, 2K.

  6. That would have been a good candidate, Diskojoe. No name or places mentioned.

  7. Here’s another:

    “If we do, adults will not be good
    Yes, aren’t you staying that long?
    It is a good thing to live at the same time.
    Where are we usually?
    You know it will
    You can say good night at the same time”

  8. Ooh, ooh: Wouldn’t it Be Nice?

  9. Nice work, Chicken!

  10. One last one:

    “Wife can’t help my head after eating
    Thought i was crazy i was always shaking my head
    I think about things all day, but nothing satisfies me
    So if not found a place to rest, I think I have my mind
    You can help set your mind on it”

    I would like to acknowledge that the accuracy of translation software has really come along way since 2013, making it much tougher to make these lyrics sufficiently cryptic.

  11. Happiness Stan

    Ooh, that has to be Paranoid, surely?

  12. Ha! Wonder how it got to “after eating”

  13. Well played, Happiness.

  14. Happiness Stan

    Ok, try this one, I translated a few all at once so might be able to keep it going for a while if anyone wants to play, this one came out surprisingly well, I thought

    Sun in the sky
    There are no clouds in history
    While they were counting, everyone participated.
    And you do not know
    I know the weather today hey
    Run down the street
    See the sun shine in the city
    In beautiful alleys
    STÁL lives here today.

  15. That’s a lot about the weather. I’m going to try; I’m Walking on Sunshine”, Katrina and the Waves?

  16. Happiness Stan

    ‘fraid not…

  17. Mr Blue Sky by ELO?

  18. Happiness Stan

    Oh yes, nice one CDM!

    This one has a pleasant, almost Zen quality, I think

    Almost every day
    Particles faster than the military theme park
    But I know that your abode is precisely the love that you will surely fall in love with.
    Grass and heyhex
    Every day it drops faster and faster.
    Finally, come and ask her.
    But I know that your abode is precisely the love that you will surely fall in love with.
    Grass and heyhex
    It appears more and more every day.
    But is it all for something stronger than love?
    Of course, it does not have to be greedy.
    Do you really love me?

  19. Every Day by Buddy Holly? That was a good one. And yeah, those lyrics are kind of pleasant as rewritten.

  20. Not required
    You will not receive an answer
    Beware of people without judgment
    It’s nothing
    You will know us forever for lunch

  21. Happiness Stan

    Yep, got it in one, that’s a toughie, no idea, yet!

  22. The military theme park! It’s prophetic.

  23. Let me know if you want a clue.

  24. I’ll take a clue.

  25. It’s from a first generation punk band.

    Let me know if you want another.

  26. As Google translated, those could be the lyrics from a PiL song on Second Edition!

    Man, this game still stumps me. But it also dazzles me.

  27. Happiness Stan

    Pretty Vacant?

  28. Happiness Stan

    Assuming that’s right, how about this gem from the Mark E Smith random lyric generator :

    It got and filled up
    I lost control
    I will give strength
    Better settings are needed.
    And you have my heart
    And my heart is for you
    Must be customized
    You understand better in my opinion.
    Nothing left

  29. Correct!

    I have a few cds from the Fall but I don’t know them well enough to decipher their translated lyrics, or to even tell if these are translated lyrics or actual lyrics.

  30. Happiness Stan

    May not have made that quite clear, these are translated lyrics of the popular variety for the continuance of fun.

    It was the military theme park line which set me thinking about MES and what it must have been like inside his head. There is a website dedicated to the Fall which gives transcriptions of all the lyrics, it’s somewhat niche, I’ll grant you, but quite a rabbit hole if you’re into that sort of thing. Which reminds me,, I promised to send them a photo of the set list I picked up at Milton Keynes in 1985, scrawled in Mr S’s idiosyncratic hand. If I get around to translating another batch, I might throw in Free Range or Telephone Thing to see if they come out making more sense than when they went in.

  31. Happiness Stan

    I’m not sure I understand what I just wrote myself. The lyrics aren’t anything to do with the Fall, think classic pop.

  32. I’ll think about it today if I can manage to focus…

  33. Can I just reverse the translation order and reconstruct the original? That should work, right?

  34. Happiness Stan

    You could try it!

  35. Happiness, I think I need a hint.

    Mod, I just noticed your PIL comment. So close!

  36. Happiness Stan

    It’s from the soundtrack of a film

  37. You’re the One That I Want! whew…

  38. Happiness Stan

    Is the right answer, nice one!

  39. 4 hour ban from RTH for CDM and Stan for making me search for lyrics to a song from Grease. What must Google think of me.

  40. Hey, I’m a victim here too!

  41. Happiness Stan

    I’m sitting on the naughty step feeling suitably chastised. I guess it’s down to our not having ROCK radio here, it’s all generic greatest hits stuff with everything bundled together. I liked the way that one turned out.

    By way of apology, I thought I’d throw the last two I translated in for consideration, the first is glam rock.

    Better to avoid good security.
    Until my hair turns black it would be better than being careful.
    I look back at the prison and I come to you with all my heart.
    He’s not in Ephesus, you know you will not find it

    Second one, from an album I would be surprised if anyone here didn’t own a copy of:

    This is your life to live.
    This is love for my job.
    On this day
    And our own taste, with waves, I
    No one can refuse not to do so.
    We hit my hand
    It is unclear how good this would be.
    What someone said
    But no one

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