Nov 022020

It’s your busy Moderator here. Sorry I’ve been out of touch. Between a new job, real life (in general), and working on new music, it’s been hard to give time to the Hall that I’d like to give. For now, here’s an offering.


  8 Responses to “Summer Above”

  1. I just might forgive your absence around here if this is a result of it.


  2. cherguevara

    Sounding good, fellas. Nice, breezy tune.I like the Phil Spector percussion touches in the background.

  3. Bueno! This up there with Enemies List and Take It in my hierarchy of Nixon’s Head songs

  4. Happiness Stan

    What a lovely thing to wake up to, feeling almost summery again after hearing that!

  5. Very nice!!!!!!!!!!

  6. trigmogigmo

    Good vibes. Thanks!

  7. Real good. Almost makes up for that Nixon’s Head cancellation at Silk City in the Spring.

  8. 2000 Man

    Nice job, I like it!

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