Aug 222012

The Philadelphia Phillies are having a “turn back the clock” 1990s nostalgia night tonight, specifically turning the clock back to 1991, the last year the Phils wore the burgandy pinstripe uniforms that graced their excellent late-’70s/early-’80s team. The team was in the middle of one of the franchise’s typical decade-long runs of sub-mediocrity. The legendary Sil Campusano was touted as a potential “answer” to the void in centerfield. By 1991, fans couldn’t wait to see Campusano and the burgandy pinstripes go.

As part of tonight’s ’90s Nostalgia Night the Campusano-esque Space Hog will perform, probably playing its one minor hit, the one with the Penguin Cafe Orchestra lift, at least 2 times, maybe even 3. I used to wonder if Penguin Cafe Orchestra got a cut of that song’s royalties.

What are your especially nerdy musical associations with the early 1990s?


  8 Responses to “Nostalgic for 1991?”

  1. ohmstead

    Nerdy or embarrassing?

    During that period 1990-1991 I was in the process of applying to law school. During the months of grinding prep for the LSAT Cosmic Thing was my anthem. It came out in summer of ’89 but Love Shack and Roam didn’t chart until 1990 so I think it still counts for the purposes of this discussion. Pure mental bumble gum…great background music…a very listenable LP. I still remember Love Shack booming on the jute box at the bar where a bunch of us would congregate after another grueling prep session. Every time I hear those songs I am immediately transported back to that period of my life.

    And there was a happy ending too…I got into law school but didn’t go…Roam where you want to…

  2. ladymisskirroyale

    Rather than just read my textbooks, during grad school, I also dj-ed at the college radio station. I was probably pulling the 12-3 am shift, or had moved up to the 9-12 pm shift. The music of 1991 is some of my favorite.

  3. cliff sovinsanity

    20 years ago today I was probably listening to Jesus Built My Hotrod for the 246th time. I spent the summer installing interlocking driveways. I had to let off a little steam.

  4. bostonhistorian

    20 years ago today I was probably listening to Matthew Sweet’s “Girlfriend”.

  5. bostonhistorian

    Also, in 1991 I’m pretty sure Spacehog would have had to clear that sample, so Penguin Cafe would have gotten paid something.

  6. Slim Jade

    A Golden Age: My Bloody Valentine, Massive Attack, Nevermind, Achtung Baby among many others.

  7. 1991-1992 I went to every concert (Ramones, U2, Buzzcocks, Run DMC, McCartney, Bruce, Phish at a tiny club,Petty, Dylan, Moody Blues) that came to Atlanta or Athens and my band way playing 2-3 nights a week at UGA or Atlanta (and occasional out-of-state gigs). I bought TONS of new music (Matthew Sweet, Chris Whitley, Cracker, Pixies, Living Colour, G&R, Smithereens) and also bought CDs of the classics (White Album, Something Else By the Kinks, Buzzcocks box set, Zappa, Doors, Floyd). I was single, working part time and in school and going out 7 nights a week. I little nostalgic? you bet!

  8. misterioso

    Hell no. Still, Achtung Baby…

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