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In rapid-fire style, Rock Town Hall wants to know what’s NOW PLAYING (or was most recently playing) as you read this post! How is it? Is there a story to tell? Would you recommend this to anyone? There’s not a minute to waste!


  26 Responses to “NOW PLAYING”

  1. David Byrne – 4 live songs from his current tour that are streaming on his website and available as a download (as a benefit for Amnesty International). Good stuff and a reminder of one of the best shows I’ve seen in recent years.

  2. I am going through some of the “I” songs on my iPod. Currently on “I Should’ve Known” by Aimee Mann.

  3. But the other thing I’ve been playing a lot over the last week is the album by Tinted Windows. That’s the new “power pop supergroup” with Bun E. Carlos from Cheap Trick, James Iha from Smashing Pumpkins, Taylor Hanson, and Adams Schlesinger from Fountains Of Wayne. This is one great power pop album. In that Fountains of Wayne thread from a couple months ago there were a few comments to the effect that FoW might be more likable if the humor was dialed down and the salesman songs were eliminated. Tinted Windows is what you’d get if these RTH suggestions were taken up.

  4. White Witch “Class of 2000”
    How the hell did a “glam rock” band navigate the South during the ’70’s?

    It is a rather silly song and so over the top that I find it highly amusing. I’m not sure I would recommend it for serious endorsement, but well worth a listen and clearly a candidate for an obscure and “ironic” bombastic cover.

  5. hrrundivbakshi

    I’m listening to children’s songs written by an 80-something Jewish grandmother, for which I’m writing music. I recommend this activity for those of you, like me, who may be stressing out about shit. Right now I’m scoring a very peaceful harp part for a waltz on the topic of “Skating.”

    Skating, skating, oh, what fun
    Gliding, gliding, in the sun
    With the wind upon my face
    Twirling, twirling with style and grace


  6. My brother’s band’s new disc. They’re called the Silence and the new disc sounds great.

    Also, some old Ricky Gervais podcasts. They help me keep the road rage in check when I’m driving down the Schuylkill Expressway.

  7. Mr. Moderator

    Carla Thomas, “I Like What You’re Doing”

  8. Currently in the stereo: Neil Young and Crazy Horse Live at the Fillmore.

    Been soaking in the new Dylan (I like it!).

    Yesterday, I spun Planet Waves.

    I picked up that Tinted Windows. They only had a single copy my local recco sto. My buddy Frank came in and I was telling him about it. He got interested. So, being the nice guy I am, I let him buy it. I even gave him the stipulation that if he didn’t like it, I would buy it back from him. I haven’t heard from him so I’m assuming that he dug it. But, alas, I have still not heard that Tinted Windows albums.

    During my last trip, I was looking to get that new Ben Folds a cappella disc, but they did not have it (This economy is killing my favorite recco sto.). So, while perusing the new releases, I ran across a disc of The Smithereens doing Tommy by The Who. Huh?!?! When I asked the local music authority, he told me that they done something similar with Meet The Beatles. I then searched out that disc, which they had. I walked around the store for another half-hour or so before finally not getting either one and leaving empty-handed. I will own these discs at some point, but does anybody here have the lowdown on these things? I mean, what’s the point? The local music authority said that they were “faithful”, referring to the Todd Rundgren album of the same name. While it’s neat to know that TR can reproduce “Good Vibrations”, I don’t see its nescessity. So, why would I feel compelled to buy a disc of The Smithereens doing Tommy? Or The Beatles? Please, help me, Townspeople! You’re my only hope!


  9. BigSteve

    I have or at least had the Smithereens doing Meet The Beatles. It was interesting, very faithful, but more interesting the few times they diverged from the original. Of course, once you’ve heard it, there’s not much reason to listen to it repeatedly.

    Tommy seems like more of a stretch for them. I’d be interested in hearing, but not necessarily owning, it.

  10. BigSteve

    I’m reading a book about Van Morrison. It’s really not that great (non-musicians really should not write books about music), but I’m using it as an excuse to revisit Van’s albums. Last night I listened to Astral Weeks/Moondance/Street Choir/Tupelo Honey. They really are that great.

  11. Thanks to Magnet Magazine’s blog, I just discovered the band Wussy, featuring Chuck from the Ass Ponys. They’re really cool. 2000Man, you know of these guys?

    Check out their myspace page: I especially like the song “Rigor Mortis.”

  12. sammymaudlin

    Strummer & The Mescaleros: Streetcore.

    ALL Strummer fans must get on board with this disc or come out of the Mick Jones closet Once And For All.

  13. alexmagic

    Funkadelic’s “Can You Get To That?”. Like, seven times in a row.

  14. Mr. Moderator

    Crowded House, “Locked Out”

  15. I’m listening to the Roky Erickson Tribute album, Where the Pyramid Meets the Eye. I’ve been reading the Roky/13th Floor Elevators Bio, and listening to a lot of Erickson/Elevators as a result. This tribute album is especially strong. notable contributors are ZZ Top, John Wesley Harding, Doug Sahm, Friend of the Hall Richard Lloyd and T-Bone Burnett. I dig the whole thing.

  16. Off the Hook by the Magnolias. First time I’ve listened to this one in years.

    Damn, it’s a really good album. They sound like an American Buzzcocks. Sorta. And they were from Minneapolis. Recorded for Twin Tone and everything. Did I mention that it’s a really good album.
    Whatever happened to them?

  17. diskojoe

    I was playing The Wayward Genius of Martin Newell in my car on my way to work & will be listening to it going food shopping after work tonight.

    I’ve been on a bit of a ’70s British glam kick the past week or so after reading a Bolan bio by Mark Paytress.

  18. I LOVE “Can You Get to That”. What a cool, genre bending record!

  19. Mr. Moderator

    “Can You Get to That” is one of the first Funkadelic songs I loved in my third, slow series of waves of digging that band.

    Now I’m listening to Terry Riley’s Shri Camel album.

  20. I have been mixing the new Rocksploitation CD this week, so I have been playing the rough mixes and trying to decide if the guitars need extra crunch.

    Also played Wings Over America, since I just got the CD back after lending it out over a year ago

  21. BigSteve

    Speaking of Martin Newell, my copy of This Little Ziggy arrived very promptly from England. I haven’t started reading it yet, but I was impressed by the service.

  22. 2000 Man

    Oats, I’ve heard Wussy. They’re an Ohio band. They play them on the college stations sometimes. I haven’t picked up any of their stuff, but I like what I’ve heard. Maybe the next time I stop at the store I’ll grab one of their albums.

    I listened to the new Dexateens album last. It’s mostly acoustic and I like it a lot. I got John Doe and The Sadies, too but I haven’t played it all the way through yet. I spent last night listening to T Model Ford and one man bands at my friend’s house. I can’t always remember the guys names, but we listened to Hasil Adkins, Bob Log III and some guy that I really liked named John Schooley. That dude was a lotta fun!

  23. The new Doves album, “Kingdom of Rust”. Earlier today was Kraftwerk, “Minimum Maximum” and Camera Obscura’s new one.

  24. diskojoe

    Watched last night:

    1. Nick Lowe video compilation found on DVD of deluxe version of Quiet Please, The New Best of Nick Lowe
    2. Portion of Elvis Costello DVD video compilation The Right Spectacle from “Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood” to “13 Steps Lead Down

    Listened to bits of the following albums:

    1. Barrence Whitfield, Raw, Raw, Rough (new album)
    2. The Sonics, Psycho-Sonic
    3. The Lyres, On Fyre (including the best song of the ’80s, “Help Me Ann”)
    4. The Flamin’ Groovies, In Concert (Norton CD w/cover that looks like The Beatles Second Album)

    Big Steve, glad to know that the Wivenhoe Bookstore treated you right. Enjoy the book!

  25. New Doves album is excellent, btw. Most music in that style (or general vicinity) does not hold my attention (Travis) or is just dopey (Coldplay). It is epic and hypnotic, smart, energetic and a good listen from start to finish.

  26. jeangray

    Fela Kuti’s “Army Arrangement” CD.

    Found it at my local Library, and promptly put in my iTunes player. Highly recommended!

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