Sep 112007

In re-reading an old Robert Quine interview, I got to thinking about how much fun he would have been with us, here in the Halls of Rock. Since he can’t be here with us, I thought I’d pass along this link. Enjoy. Imagine.


  2 Responses to “People I Wish We Could Have With Us in the Hall: Robert Quine”

  1. Great interview – thanks for the link. I’ve always like him and his playing. Yes – he would have been a fine addition to the Hall…

  2. 2000 Man

    That’s really weird. I just reread that last interview with Lester Bangs on Perfect Sound Forever:

    and Lester mentions how Robert Quine is his favorite musician. So I dragged out that Voidoids album and just listened to it yesterday. Robert really made that album stand out from the NYC Punk Pack. It’s funny looking back now at all the people that hated punk when it was happening because the musicians “all sucked,” but now that’s definitely not the perception.

    I wish there were critics these days that seemed as excited about new music as Lester was. Sadly, it seems like I can predict what the guys in paper publications will say about an established artist before they say it these days, and way too many bloggers just sound like they don’t want to risk losing getting their free cd’s. Then there’s Pitchfork, and they just hate everything unless it’s suicidal mumblings by a junkie with an off key acoustic guitar, or jangle free twee pop. Anymore, if they hate it, I figure it’s probably kick ass.

    That’s a great interview, thanks for posting it.

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