Nov 182012

This version was even worse, but I dug the singer’s hair and some of the audience shots. At least these first 2 versions I tried featured some fashions I could tune into. Then I found this atrocity:


  2 Responses to “Please Explain: “Mamy Blue””

  1. ladymisskirroyale

    This smacks of some Eurovision attempt at sounding bluesy. It was probably written by the team from Freedonia in their last attempt to synch the contest. Some misguided used record store trawler then found a scratched copy in a cutout bin, decided to resurrect it for the sake of being ahead of the critical curve, and the rest was history. I’m waiting for The Crystal Ark to cover it and then it will regain it’s cult appeal.

  2. misterioso

    Awful song. But LMKR, you have good ears. See

    I have no idea, no idea at all, what people were hearing in this that prompted so many covers. It sounds like an outtake from a crappy early 70s rock musical, if you’ll pardon the redundancy.

    The good news is that it never made the top 40 in America. USA! USA! USA!

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