Jul 302007

How many head-scratching moments can you spot in this clip?


  3 Responses to “Please Explain: Nick Lowe and Dave Edmunds Seek Leland Sklar?”

  1. meanstom

    Nick Lowe on double-neck bass/guitar???

    Is that Waddy Wachtel or Eric Drew Feldman on rhythm guitar???

    Two drummers???

  2. BigSteve

    At first my guess was that it was McCartney’s Rockestra, when I saw the number of people onstage and a woman on the keyboards. I know Dave Edmunds participated in that.

    But I’m pretty sure that what it is is the Live Stiffs tour, which was a kind of everybody-plays-with-everybody-else’s-band kind of thing. I had no idea there was film of it. On the guitar is the Pink Fairies’ Larry Wallis, who recorded the immortal Police Car on the Live Stiffs album. I think the woman on keyboards (Denise something?) was in Ian Dury’s band, or maybe Wreckless Eric’s.

    The double-neck is weird, but Lowe and the guitarists in Rockpile often played Hamers. I think they must have had a deal with them. Lowe was even known to play 8-string bass on occasion back then.

  3. Mr. Moderator

    The Live Stiffs tour makes sense, BigSteve. Where’s the footage of “Let’s Eat”?!?!

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