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Been Dizzy

Please explain.


  39 Responses to “Please Explain, or “I Heard The Jimi Hendrix Experience Is Coming to Town Next Month!””

  1. hrrundivbakshi

    I need RTH’s help actually identifying these guys. So far, I’ve got:

    Paul Shaeffer
    WWE “King Of the Ring” Seamus
    Richard Branson

  2. Unknown
    Old Adam Durwitz
    Paul Shaeffer
    WWE “King Of the Ring” Seamus
    Kurt Vonnegut with a mid-life crisis haircut
    Richard Branson

  3. Kurt Vonnegut. Funny.

    From left to right:

    Vivian Campbell: Former guitarist for David Coverdale’s Whitesnake, currently seen with Def Leppard.

    Tom Savini: Special effects Hollywood legend and can be seen in bit parts Robert Rodriguez/Quentin Tarantino films.

    Ray Cooper: Sideman amongst sidemen.

    Skinny James Hetfield.

    Dino Kovas: former drummer for The New Monkees.

    Sir Richard Branson.


  4. Dino Kovas: former drummer for The New Monkees.

    Now THAT’S funny!

  5. Holy crap! That really is Vivian Campbell. Turns out my “joke” isn’t really a joke at all. Now if that turns out to really be Dino Kovas…

    I’m almost ashamed I knew that. Please forgive me, RTH.


  6. “Skinny James Hetfield” is actually Morgan Spurlock.

    And I think that’s Viv Savage next to him.

  7. No one here gets out alive, or without the depth of his or her nerdy rock knowledge being confirmed. I say, BRAVO for accidentally knowing that!

  8. Vivian seems to have a pointing problem.

    Does this strike anybody else as “Jimi Oyster Cult?” I got nothin’ besides Elvis Costello in the “Ray Cooper” slot third from the left and agreeing with the Branson. I think the guy next to Branson is either the drummer or the keyboardist.

  9. 2000 Man

    If I wasn’t who I really said I was, there’s no way I’d let The Supersuckers open up for me. Those guys seriously bring it.

  10. Yeah, I thought that was really weird too. I had no idea their career had dropped to the level where they were forced to open for fake Thin Lizzy. Or perhaps this was some sort of booking error.

  11. I still can’t get my head around a Thin Lizzy without Lynott. I don’t know much about Thin Lizzy, but didn’t Lynott direct a good 90% of that band? Has there ever been a fake reunion band that didn’t include a more integral member? Skynyrd came to mind, for instance. They would lack Ronnie Van Zandt and some other key members, but they replaced him with his brother – and fans knew who the other remaining guys were.

  12. alexmagic

    I feel like – and I apologize to the band members if I’m wrong about this – there must have been Earth, Wind & Fire reunion tours comprised entirely of fake members from past Fake Earth, Wind & Fire reunions by now.

    Also, Richard Branson guy just murders everyone else in Fake Thin Lizzy up there, Looks-wise. The jacket accentuates the hair in the classiest way possible and the dual whiteness makes him stand out from all the other dudes trying to pull off the “Grr I’m Tough In Slimming Black!” move. As a result, he’s also the only one who can pull off the Old Guy In Sunglasses manuever.

    I think this guy could also, with a few adjustments, pull off a Sam Elliott in Road House look if need be.

    What I’m saying is, this guy deserves to get promoted up to, say, a Fake Deep Purple (Deep Fauxrple?) if a spot ever opens there.

  13. You may be right about EWF. Black vocal groups have a long history of carrying on without original members. The Temptations, for the longest time, toured with only the original bass singer. He may be dead now, so the closest thing to a “real” member may be Dennis Edwards, the guy from 1970 or so, who replaced Ruffin and/or Kendricks and sang a couple of their final hits. Still, though, The Tempations toured with that awesome 5-mic mic stand.

    I like the concept of being promoted up a fake band chain, but I agree with eh, I believe, who suggested they move up through Fake BOC first. Fake Foghat may be the next steppingstone before a promotion to Fake Deep Purple or Fake Ritchie Blackmore’s Rainbow.

  14. alexmagic

    I believe they tour as Fake Ritchie Blackmore’s Fake Rainbow.

    Fauxghat would be the best name for a Foghat cover band ever. Maybe the best name for any tribute band ever.

  15. “The Byrds” story is an interesting one and I may have shared it here. You can look it up. Somewhere back in the early 90s there were three different groups calling themselves “The Byrds.” In a weird twist of fate, original non-drummer Michael Clarke ended up with the rights to the name. He died and now his family lets whoever use the name. Of course, the only Byrds in “The Byrds” were all third-string replacement Byrds from Mod’s favorite period of The Byrds (I actually love these records). I’m not even sure that band still tours. I’m also sure that many of you would argue that The Byrds stopped being the Byrds once all the original memers left anyway.

    The only other weird fake band I can think of that tours is Joey Molland’s Badfinger.


  16. Great examples, TB, but think about it: there’s a statue of Phil Lynott in Ireland, I believe. How can a band led by a guy who warranted the erection of a statue tour without its leader?

  17. Yes, thanks for that correction.

  18. There was that version of the Velvet Underground with Willie Loco Alexander which had no founding members, though it’s possible Doug Yule was present at some point in that mix.

  19. That’s a good one, too!

  20. misterioso

    Then there is the strange case of the J. Geils Band, whose most distinctive figure, of course, was Peter Wolf, and who soldiered on after Wolf left, if, that is, you call You’re Gettin’ Even While I’m Gettin’ Odd soldiering on.

  21. Yes. I have that album “Squeeze”. If wikipedia is to be believed, Doug Yule played all the instruments except for Ian Paice on drums.

  22. I saw that version of Badfinger at the Iron Horse in Fridley, Minnesota! I didn’t even know they were playing. I was just at the bar and they announced, please welcome Badfinger! — WTF?

    The Midwest is notorious for fake band tours — Nazareth, Black Oak Arkansas, and Head East come to mind.

  23. mockcarr

    They could play Slower Ride to last the whole set.

  24. mockcarr

    Badfingernail, claws its way back

    Lazareth rises from the Nazareth

    Lack Oak Arkansas brought to you by Viagara

    Head Midwest (used to be East, but there wasn’t enough gas money this time)

  25. mockcarr

    Branson’s only weakness in that picture is not showing his hands. They must really be old.

  26. You know, we Midwesterners are rubes, so we’ll go to anything as long as we can buy a t-shirt and pound the ol’ Budweiser.

  27. BigSteve

    In the 70s I actually saw the version of Fleetwood Mac that had no Fleetwood or Mac or anyone else associated with the band. Their manager had somehow secured rights to the name, and when they fell out he put together a bunch of British bloozrockers and sent them out as “Fleetwood Mac.”

    I think we had heard about the scam beforehand, but we went anyway because we already had the tickets, and they were cheap because it was a college activity fund kind of thing. The band did not go over well, and I remember birds being flipped to and from the stage.

  28. cherguevara

    How is it that nobody mentioned the “New” Cars with Todd as front man? And what about The Doors with Ian Astbury…

  29. The New Cars were a real cash grab, Todd admitted it. I guess Ocasek is back and they’ve got a new album coming out as The Cars — no Todd!

    Didn’t Manzarek call that band Doors of the 21st Century or something and get sued?

  30. trigmogigmo

    At what point does truth in advertising require a lineup like this to just call itself a tribute band?

  31. Richard Branson=Scott Gorham

  32. jeangray

    Scott Gorham = Arguably as important to Thin Lizzy’s sound as Phil.

  33. Wow, you two: I knew they had a key guitarist or two, but I didn’t know anyone else approached Lynott’s level in the band. Thanks for the info.

  34. cherguevara

    Unfortunate update to this thread – Gary Moore has passed away:


  35. That’s a shame. He’s the only other member of that band whose name I knew.

  36. I walked out on the Doors Of The 21st Century. It was really sad. Ian was like one of those singing waiters at the retro diner (next to Buddy Holly and Marylin Monroe) and the rest of the guys were too “we made it out of the 60’s and now we wear Dockers” I went to the show by myself and had to drive home, so I was maybe not in the same mental state as the rest of the crowd, who were into it

  37. The other one I saw at a festival and walked out on was Creedence Clearwater Revisited. My brother and I decided that we would kidnap the singer and guitar player, replace them with ourselves and leave an apology on John Fogerty’s answering machine every night right after the encore.

    My brother saw The Animals open for The Yardbirds in Memphis a few years ago. Maybe 3 original members between them (and nobody anyone could name)

  38. jeangray

    Too funny!

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