Jun 242016

As I browse through the listings on dimeadozen, I often chuckle at the names of heavy metal bands. “This can’t be real?!?!”

Here is a simple quiz. There are 12 band names. Some are real, that is, they are taken from dimeadozen listings, which are in the Heavy Metal category; others are names I made up. Your challenge is to identify which are real and which are the result of me having too much time on my hands. No cheating, no researching; all you can do is look at the list.


  14 Responses to “Quiz Time: Name That Heavy Metal Band”

  1. OK — I’ll bite —

    Asparagus Urine — a good album title would be “Green”
    Beartooth — “Claw”
    Deviant Septum — “Blowback”
    Project Armageddon — “Time”

  2. i’ll let a few more try before I rate your response.

  3. Fake:

    Asparagus Urine
    Autopsy 666
    Deviant Septum
    Nocturnal Emission
    Satan’s Request
    Venom Inc.

  4. REAL
    Asparagus Urine
    Blind Guardian
    Nocturnal Emission
    Venom Inc.

    Autopsy 666
    Deviant Septum
    Project Armageddon
    Satan’s Request

  5. BTW, I hope to god that Beartooth and Blind Guardian are real names. They are so distinctively bad that some group of musicians needs to have practiced to make them real.

  6. Not too many players but maybe if I give some hints…

    funoka is correct on two of the fake names.

    Mr Mod, Beartooth and Blind Guardian are real names.

  7. ladymisskirroyale

    I will now out myself as having dated a drummer in a metal band called…Tyrant Rage!

    Given that name, any of those could be real. Al, I admire your metal moniker talents.

    I really, really, really want Asparagus Urine to be a real band, even if it’s not a metal band.

  8. 1. Asparagus Urine
    2. Asphyx
    3. Autopsy 666
    4. Beartooth
    5. Blind Guardian
    6. Deviant Septum
    7. Morgoth
    8. Nocturnal Emission
    9. Primordial
    10. Project Armageddon
    11. Satan’s Request
    12. Venom Inc.

  9. patrock is declared the winner, nailing the 5 fake bands!

    Honorable mention to cdm who named the 5 fakes but threw in a real one.

    Both patrock and cdm now have to confess to (1) cheating or (2) knowing way too much about heavy metal…

  10. I was too lazy to cheat and I don’t like heavy metal. That was just (good?) instincts on my part.

  11. I saw Slayer before Kerry King went bald, I saw Stryper in a church and I’ve been on stage with Rob Halford …I’m kind of METAL!!

    and though I was familiar with the real bands on the list, a couple were a guess.

    I didn’t cheat but I really wanted to check my answers after I sent it …but I waited …yay me!

  12. Also to add to it, these bands do exist.

    Destroyer 666

  13. I think I created Autopsy 666 from those first two.

    A heavy metal super-group name!

  14. I just saw a heavy metal band listed on dimeadozen named Goatwhore.

    I don’t know about you but I would have guessed that was a made-up name.

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