Jan 052012

It is time to resume play in our tournament to determine—once and for all—rock’s greatest backing band ever.

The first two rounds have been completed. The attached grid shows where we stand as we enter the Regionals: REGIONALS 12/23/11

Feel free to think ahead to coming Regional battles as you begin work on the present conference match up. Meanwhile, tournament play resumes with the Legacy Conference. Four backing bands remain: The Crickets vs The Tennessee Two and The Texas Playboys vs The Famous Flames.

Because the selections from this point forward are so crucial to future generations’ understanding of rock history, play will follow a different course of action in this round. Before any voting can take place, Townspeople are encouraged to post comments and YouTube clips of the backing bands you support in this round. You may begin launching your campaigns now. After a few days of lobbying and counter-lobbying the poll for this conference’s regional round will open. We don’t want any rash votes on Day 1 that you may regret on Day 3 of discussion. Dig?

VOTING IS NOW OPEN THROUGH Monday, January 9 @ 11:59 pm.

Regionals, Legacy Conference: The Crickets vs The Tennessee Two

  • The Crickets (88%, 15 Votes)
  • The Tennessee Two (12%, 2 Votes)

Total Voters: 17

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Regionals, Legacy Conference: The Texas Playboys vs The Famous Flames

  • The Texas Playboys (52%, 14 Votes)
  • The Famous Flames (48%, 13 Votes)

Total Voters: 27

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  8 Responses to “Regionals, Legacy Conference: Rock’s Greatest Backing Band Tournament Continues!”

  1. Voting opens later this morning. Offlist lobbying has been fierce!

  2. cliff sovinsanity

    cdm, posted a killer clip of The Texas Playboys a couple of rounds ago. In case you missed it

    Here’s another fine throwdown by the band. Notice how the piano player is chewing gum. That’s pretty badass.

  3. I am stunned and delighted that the Texas Playboys are beating the Famous Flames. There’s no denying that the Famous Flames were a force to be reckoned with and I thought for sure that they would take down the Texas Playboys. But for my money, I don’t think there’s a better band in this competition than the Texas Playboys.

    As for the Crickets vs the Tennessee Two, both are respectable but ultimately they don’t really distinguish themselves and in each case, the guy before the “&” could have done it without them. It’s a shame that the Blue Caps and the R&R Trio are both out of it. I would take either over these guys.

  4. I just checked out that clip of Ida Red again.

    The steel player is only using a thumb pick. I thought they usually used several finger picks so this looks kind of primitive but it sounds great.

    The piano solo is fantastic. I love how the left hand is going down the keyboard while the right is going up.

    The guitar player is a lefty and I don’t think he restrung his guitar. I think he just turned it upside down. Dick Dale does this as well and it looks freaky.

    As I’ve said before, this is not my favorite song. But the solos are spectacular and they are executed by a band that is as cool as the center seed of a cucumber (to paraphrase Sheriff Andy Taylor).

  5. Your work on behalf of the Playboys went a long way, I think. In the other match, I think people are understimating the Crickets. Backing Holly, they opened the vocabulary of rock ‘n roll, brought in a softer, more ethereal vibe. They may have been the first rock ‘n roll backing band that wasn’t built to slam away on the backbeat. They were the first backing band to jangle. Come on, give the Crickets their due. This coming from a guy who’s not that big on the art of jangle rock!

  6. The Playboys-Flames match is TIGHT! Does anyone want to make a case for the band they support, in case it helps an undecided Townsperson make a decision?

  7. The Playboys just get so many meaningful different instruments/sounds into the mix. Nobody is extra; they’re all contributing something worthwhile. How many bands can say the same, especially with that many people on stage?

  8. BigSteve

    I had to go with the Playboys. The Famous Flames was actually just the vocal group, led by Bobby Byrd, backing Brown on the early records, not the guys playing the instruments.

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