Aug 202021

This one’s easy, but it may reveal more about you than you think. Just finish the sentence:

“There’s a special part of rock and roll hell reserved for…”

It could be anything or anybody: pointy guitars from the 1980s, David Clayton-Thomas, Paul McCartney’s late-90s dye job, “Mighty Like a Rose,” anything. And don’t feel restricted to providing just one answer; the more the merrier.

I look forward to your responses.



  7 Responses to “Reserve A Special Part Of Hell Here”

  1. Songs that purport to be celebrations of Rock and Roll, but are its antithesis. Two examples: Rock and Roll Music by the Beach Boys and I Dig Rock and Roll Music by Peter Paul and Mary. Each praises rock and roll, but are actively doing what they can to kill it.

  2. Me, for not ever liking a single version of “Summertime.” (“It’s summertime, and the living is easy…”) I know that song is supposed to be an American Songbook classic. I think it’s nearly as hokey as “And When I Die.” The lyrics ruin it for me every time.

  3. Not even the Billy Stewart version, which renders the lyrics almost irrelevant in its over the top absurdity?

  4. Funny you ask that, geo, as that’s the reason I quoted the opening line, as I thought that Billy Stewart song was another “Summertime” altogether. If that’s the same song, I don’t mind hearing that once in awhile. I guess I could cancel that special part of hell that awaited me!

  5. You don’t like, “Her daddy’s rich and her momma’s good looking” as a lyric? That’s pure gold! You can go to hell.

  6. Happiness Stan

    I’m with Mr Mod on Summertime. Bloody awful song, not even Colin Blunstone and the Zombies could do anything useful with it. Not familiar with Billy Stewart, I’m afraid.

    To the surprise of no one, I imagine, I’m nominating UB40 and their Beach Boys Rock and Roll Music limp white boy reggae.

    They played a festival we went to this weekend just gone, fortunately Dreadzone were playing their heavy dub set on the other stage, since that made it the only place within a couple of miles where you couldn’t hear them.

    I’ll also throw in Rod Stewart’s unfortunate and grossly misjudged Glastonbury set. Not just for the hey there gorgeous dolly bird backing singers come here so I can rub my ass against yours gross old man schtick, but for turning down Ron Wood, Mac and Kenney Jones’s offer to reform the Faces to do it.

  7. Funny, that line, chick, is exactly the point where I’m out. The only thing missing from the cornball Southern Living lyrics is a couplet about “mendacity.”

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