Jan 072012

He was a Great man.



  7 Responses to “RIP Tom Ardolino, Drummer for NRBQ”

  1. RIP — I am a latecomer to the joys NRBQ.

    I used to see the Yankee Stadium album in the cutouts all the time, but didn’t bite until Grooves In Orbit . . . . ahhh . . . Rain at the Drive-in.

  2. cliff sovinsanity

    Well, there goes my chances of seeing the classic lineup together. Tommy never got as much attention as the front 3. Is there a book about the band out there?

  3. hrrundivbakshi

    I believe Tommy’s last recorded performance may well be on the album “Say Go” by DC guitar hot-shot Jim Stephanson, on which Jim is backed by a secretly “reunited” Q. Also note that much of the album was recorded at my studio, and that I played a small role in producing and mixing it! Yay me!


  4. I was wondering about that session!

  5. BigSteve

    When Tommy was swinging with Joey, there was nothing like it. The classic Q lineup was one of rock’s true wonders. R.I.P.

  6. No one ever hit the drums like him. He had a unique grip of the sticks, and he played big band/jazz music like a hard hitting rock drummer. I got to play on his drums once. Sonor, just like me. Sorry to hear he went to that big Sam Ash in the sky.

  7. Even as a devoted Tom Staley man, Ardolino had a very unique style. I don’t think anyone could ever somehow hold together a song while getting the beat turned around like he did on “Me and the Boys”. A performance like that is magically unrepeatable!

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