Dec 012010

"Helter Skelter" in Nixonian True Stereo

The search for the complete version of The Beatles“Helter Skelter” continues. It’s as if the Nixon administration got to the 12 or so minutes that no one but White Album participants has ever heard. As our occasional series continues, what rock ‘n roll holy grail has most recently been on your mind?

To tide you over, here’s the complete, unedited version of “It’s All Too Much,” a song I’d be happy hearing if it went on for 3 hours.

[audio:|titles=06 It’s All Too Much (complete long uncut version)]



  6 Responses to “Rock ‘n Roll Holy Grails: The Search for the Complete Version of “Helter Skelter” Continues”

  1. sammymaudlin

    This is awesome. I love it. Love this song and love that there is more of it. Regarding Helter Skelter, I recently ran across this-

    Another is take 3 of “Helter Skelter” from 18 July 1968, renowned for its length of twenty-seven minutes. Anthology 3 included only a 4:38 edit of the 12:35 take 2 from that day’s work on the song; asked why a longer version wasn’t issued, George Martin explained: “I think it gets boring.”

    Why is this George Martin’s call?

  2. I’m OUTRAGED to learn this! I bet Magic Alex has a mix of the full song somewhere.

  3. misterioso

    It’s crazy. I’ve got a huge collection of White Album outtakes, alternate takes, crappy acetate mixes, etc., etc., but in no way is there a longer Helter Skelter, much talked about at least since the Lewisohn book came out, in circulation. Maybe someone’s hoarding it, listening to it over and over again and becoming progressively more demented.

  4. sammymaudlin

    I want it to come out and for Manson to hear it and say

    Ohhhhhhhhh. I get it now. Sorry.

  5. pudman13

    Actally, the one I want to hear, even though I’m positive it’s boring as hell, is “Carnival of Light,” which McCartney has and does eventually want to make public, though George Martin and the other Beatles have always been against it.

  6. A totally sick thread I could see us getting into some day is something along the lines of, “Depending on which Beatle/Beatle estate holder outlasts all others, what will be the best/worst scrapped piece of work to finally see the light of day?”

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