Oct 132010

In the above clip, one of Prog-Rock’s Sexiest Men, Chris Squire, and Yes bandmates Steve Howe and Alan White, humorously discuss the halcyon days of rock cape-wear. It’s fitting that they should have the first word on the matter because, along with their bandmate Rick Wakeman, they took The Cape about as far as it has gone in rock ‘n roll history to date. The Cape is our latest subject in an ongoing series assessing of Rock’s Unfulfilled Fashion Ideas. Maybe you can help us better understand the cape’s appeal and possible resurgence in rock ‘n roll style.


  4 Responses to “Rock’s Unfulfilled Fashion Ideas: The Cape”

  1. How about the Count Five? I don’t know if they wore them on stage but they had them in the promo pictures.

  2. THAT must be the obvious garage rock band I had in mind! Thank you.

  3. An answered prayer? Did I actually just see a teaser of My Morning Jacket on Letterman with the singer hopping around stage in a cape?

  4. […] flew the Rick through the highs of Wings. These days he’s abdicated the Rick mantle for Chris Squire, Lemmy, and Bruce Foxton to fight over. It was a proud bass and a key part of his adult persona, […]

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