Dec 032011

Sounds of the Hall in roughly 33 1/3 minutes!

This week’s edition of Saturday Night Shut-In begins innocently enough with Mr. Moderator remembering a long-gone friend before taking a sudden, unplanned turn that your host, minutes after completing his broadcast, fears will turn off his frequent ally, misterioso. Let’s hope the healing powers of music come through to save this alliance.

[audio:|titles=RTH Saturday Night Shut-In, episode 56]

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  12 Responses to “Rock Town Hall’s Saturday Night Shut-In: The Episode That May Seriously Bum Out Misterioso”

  1. misterioso

    Hey, Mod, I’ve been out of town for a few days but I will start getting bummed out in anticipation of listening to this later today or tomorrow.

  2. ladymisskirroyale

    Loved that final Lisa Simpon number.

  3. ladymisskirroyale

    Simpson, I mean. That sax just carried me away.

  4. That last track was by someone named Alan Wilkinson. I’d never heard of him, but an album’s worth of SOLO sax was intriguing, and I’m a sucker for checking out any version of Ornette Coleman’s “Lonely Woman,” so I downloaded that track.

  5. I was intrigued to learn the identity of the latest Mystery Date on this podcast, Mr. Mod. My ’90 power-pop guess may have been misguided, but I could’ve sworn there was a demo quality, with drums and possibly other parts programmed, to the recording. I’ll maintain that I was on to something with this.

  6. Oh, and also: That post-Morrison Doors song sure did stink!

  7. I’ve got a couple more of those songs downloaded. I’m thinking of starting a “What Would Jim Do?” series.

  8. I seem to remember, during this blog’s early days, a posted video of this era of Doors playing on Beat Club or some such TV show. There’s something really sad about the idea of the band trying to carry on a few years after Jimbo’s death. Sadder than the Beach Boys at their most adrift, or even post-Waters Pink Floyd. It’s like you can hear the band realizing, mid-song, that they have no ideas without Morrison.

  9. Indeed, one of my all-time favorite Rock Performances as State of Humanity clips, right up there with the still image of Billy Harner (“Sally’s Saying Something”) singing to no one at Temple U:

  10. misterioso

    Mod, just to clarify: which part was supposed to bum me out most? The Pere Ubu “song”? The Jim-less Doors? That lousy Crap the Sky number? (I sort of remembered them, too.) Or the 7-minute sax thingy? I mean, I like sax solos, too, but that much solo sax I do not need. Hire a band, buddy.

  11. misterioso

    Well, then. Mission accomplished.

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