Dec 042011

I didn’t know about this ad campaign until I noticed it this evening, while holiday shopping in Center City. For the record, it doesn’t bother me that Bryan Ferry is now in H&M ads with his son. It just seems odd to me; really, Bryan should not be appearing in ads for clothes that I can afford.


  9 Responses to “DEAL WITH IT! Part Whatever”

  1. ladymisskirroyale

    What really bother me is that there are no feather boas in sight.

  2. hrrundivbakshi

    I snapped a photo of one of H&M’s window displays the other day, and meant to post it. Thanks for bringing this to our attention. I am dealing with it — it’s proving to be surprisingly easy, in fact.

  3. Bryan Ferry and his son horse around while Duran Duran’s “Girls on Film” plays. Whoever pitched this was a genius to get those two conditions together. Frankly, I’m stuck wondering what the message of this ad is.

  4. Happiness Stan

    I was painting the front of the house about three months ago and knocked the satellite dish out of alignment with my ladder, the kids haven’t complained yet so I’ve not got around to fixing it, or at least trying to fix it before paying a man with a little beepy thing to do it. Consequently I’m missing out on the seasonal advertising fun, and don’t know if this is being shown over here.

    For a few years now, Twiggy (sixties model and icon) has been doing ads in the UK for Marks and Spencer (middle-brow clothing chain aimed mainly at men who have to wear shirts and ties but hate doing so and women of a certain age who want underwear that doesn’t wear out quickly), and it doesn’t seem right somehow.

  5. At least this son is not carrying a knife or getting busted for drunk driving. Here’s the whole clan at last week’s CBE ceremony.

  6. Somebody get this clan into a reality series: My Four Sons!

  7. alexmagic

    They couldn’t pay Ferry a little more to knock off a quick “Let’s Shop Together” cut for this ad campaign? I think Let’s Stick Together with a few sleigh bells over it would work surprisingly well as effective holiday fun shopping music, even if I would be more excited by a Christmas ad campaign set around “In Every Dream Home A Heartache”.

    Mod: Would you be more or less inclined to help the economy by spending money over the holidays if Ferry had a beard for these ads?

  8. Happiness Stan

    To Funoka – and furthermore at least he’s not racing around the British countryside after a pack of slavering hounds he has trained to tear apart the wildlife

    Alex, that song is really eccentric as accompaniment, isn’t it?

    I’ve no idea which came first, but a version of “Let’s Work Together” has recently been recorded over here by a group of public sector workers protesting over future pension provision, and it’s not likely that Mr Ferry with his rather illiberal views would approve, and neither would H&M want any version of the song associated with their ad campaign at the moment either.

    It’s definitely a “who the hell thought that would work?” moment, innit?

  9. Without a doubt a Bearded Ferry would get me to my nearest H&M. My oldest boy and I will be shopping at Nordstrom’s, featuring an ad campaign by Bearded Jagger.

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