Jan 132012

Show me the rattlesnake!

In our continuing review of Rock Town Hall’s first 5 years as a blog, we will be providing some brief reviews of key aspects of this place. The hope is these overviews will pay homage to the contributions of our peers and provide newcomers easy access into the blog’s rich past. Let’s look at Rock Town Hall’s role as a semi-historical rock resource.

It goes without saying that Rock Town Hall is not the most fact-obsessed blog on the Interwebs. Although we don’t spend as much time as some other well-known music blogs passing along news items pulled off other sites, we do dabble in Truth. We’ve proposed alternate realities, such as alexmagic‘s mind-blowing hypotheses on James Darren as the Fifth Beatle. We’ve uncovered hoaxes that some diehard fans of the artists in question have the nerve to believe we started in the first place. Thanks to the work of RTH Labs and our crack rock journalism investigative team, we’ve raised questions that were initially met with immediate artist and fan outrage  or that seemed beyond anyone’s technical means that eventually turned people’s heads, or in some cases were met with continued resistance. What’s that thing they say about “doth protesting too much?” And who’s  to say some of the news we report won’t eventually become reality?

By taking a sideways glance at the music world, Townspeople have opened new perspectives on rock ‘n roll, even stuff that may eventually be taught in universities. For instance, sammymaudlin‘s The World Moves on a Woman’s Hips: Female Bass Player as Contemporary Fertility Goddess, is being considered for inclusion in a small liberal arts college’s Women’s Studies curriculum. Let’s keep our fingers crossed!

A couple of years ago BigSteve did more than speculate, pontificate, and talk out of his ass: he actually researched and wrote an informative, enlightening series on pub rock. If you haven’t already and you want to actually learn something factual for once, check out his Pub Rock Also-Rans series, from an ear-opening intro piece through Parts 1, 2, and 3. That’s what I’m talking about!


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