Aug 102013

Sounds of the Hall in roughly 33 1/3 minutes!

Summer vacations aren’t over just yet and there is nothing quite like traveling the open road while listening to country, roots-rock, Americana, No Depression, or whatever term you choose. While I know that full on country or country rock(ugh) scares a lot of people in the Hall, I’m hoping we can find common ground with tonight’s set even though all of the songs aren’t really country to begin with. Enjoy!

Bend In The Road

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If The River Can Bend


  5 Responses to “Rock Town Hall’s Saturday Night Shut-In: A Bend In The Road”

  1. Good stuff — right up my alley with The Long Ryders, et al

  2. cliff sovinsanity


    Some of Shelly’s Blues – Michael Nesmith
    Final Wild Son – The Long Ryders
    Memory Captures Time – Western Electric
    Bend In The Road – Danny & Dusty
    Conspiracy of the Heart – Steve Wynn w/ Johnette Napolitano
    Ghost On The Highway – The Gun Club
    Gilbert Takes The Wheel / Ghost On The Road – Guadalcanal Diary
    Poet’s Highway – Jr. Gone Wild
    At The Crossroads – Sir Douglas Quintet

  3. ladymisskirroyale

    Great show, cliff! I especially dug that Gun Club song. ‘

    Some of the tracks reminded me of Velvet Crush, another countrified American band (at times).

  4. I remember buying The Gun Club’s Miami in the used because I thought it had a cool cover.

  5. Excellent show! HVB talks about “C-30 bands” and “C-60” bands. The country-rock of the 1980s may be a C-30 genre for me, and you have perfectly captured more than 30 minutes of that stuff (and what inspired it) that I can fully enjoy. The only song I already knew was the last one, the Sir Douglas Quintet song. The only song I didn’t like that much was “Ghost on the Road,” by Guadalcanal Diary. I’m going to save this episode to my iPod and see how it grows on me, whether it inspires me to follow other bends in the road. Thanks.

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