Oct 182014

The Muggs – Slow Curve
The Fleshtones – Way Up Here
The Flesh Eaters – Digging My Grave
Flesh For Lulu – Seven Hail Marys
Warner Brothers – Lonely I
Shadows of Knight – Light Bulb Blues
The Knaves – Leave My Alone
The Del-vettes – Last Time Around
The Ghouls – Voo Doo Juice
The Godfathers – Cause I Said So


  7 Responses to “Rock Town Hall’s Saturday Night Shut-In: It’s Dunwich, Man!”

  1. cherguevara

    This playlist reminds me of when I was a teenager and started really crate digging. I feel like it’s the kind of music I used to hear playing in the cool record stores, where I wasn’t sure enough if I was cool enough to be in there. I found the music a bit alien and intimidating, it added a feeling of danger to the whole shopping experience. Just me?

  2. More proof that few genres are as rock-solid as garage rock. Provided I don’t get dragged down into the genre’s occasional fetish for outright idiocy, I’m always pleased to hear these sort of sounds cranking away behind me. The biggest surprise for me was that the Flesh for Lulu song didn’t suck (and was actually good)! That band’s name always made me thing of poofy, block hair and Vampire Rock. I don’t think I ever consciously heard a lick of them. Did I incorrectly judge a book by its cover all these years?

  3. cliff sovinsanity

    I used to get that feeling in a record store when they would play German industrial music like Front 242 or some obscure Dutch progressive rock band that played 24 minute organ solos. That never put me in a shopping mood.
    Yet, if they played some hyped up 4 piece garage rock it put me in a better mood to scoop up some obscure vinyl.
    These days I think it’s mostly “old hat” to play garage rock. Little Steven’s show overturned any lingering gem hiding in the rough. So, I’m well aware that leaves little out there for discussion.
    I picked Dunwich for no good reason other than that Warner Brothers song has been in my brain ever since my brother tweeted it a month ago. Most of the other songs were part of some half baked Halloween show that never got off the ground.
    I’ve got plans to look at some other indie labels that cover hip-hop, country, and R&B that I hope don’t alienate other Townspeople.
    Trust me, I am not cool and I would never want to be one of those judgmental record store types. I’m keeping SNSI alive strictly for discussion purposes. Thanks for listening.

  4. ladymisskirroyale

    Exactly what I was thinking! I was waiting around listening to who did that song, and then when you announced it was Flesh For Lulu I was shocked.

    Good one, that.

  5. ladymisskirroyale

    So I guess you won’t be doing a look at Wax Trax…

  6. cherguevara

    I realized I was mixing up Flesh for Lulu and Gene Love Jezebel. Man, they were crappy:


  7. Yes, that’s the vibe I was expecting!

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