Sep 172012

In a recent If You Can’t Say Anything Nice post Mr. Moderator submitted a video that featured aging pop fluffer Robin McNamara accompanied by two very fine back-up dancers on either side. What immediately came to mind is, this guy is literally “Hot-Dogging.” Yes, I know the term is rather sophomoric but I think it aptly describes a man inserting himself between two backup singers. This is very useful ploy to prop up a singer lacking in talent, such as Mr. McNamara; however, some of our heroes have used it to class things up a bit. Case in point is David Bowie in the following clip from Live Aid. Not only is the front line all female (singers and saxophonist), he goes for full hot-dogging at the 1:50 mark.

In my last band we had a song called “All Girl Band,” which told the story of a guy forming an all-female backup band, presumably to make him look like a ladies man. While this may seem a little sexist it has brought success to The Cramps and, errr, Tony Orlando.


Are there any other examples of hot-dogging you would like to submit? Or is their perhaps a less graphic term you would like to suggest?


  11 Responses to “RTH Glossary: “Hot-Dogging””

  1. hrrundivbakshi

    I’m sure Prince has done far more than his fair share of hot-dogging over the years.

  2. Is this also known as a Sandwich Pick? Maybe the most creative instance of this practice that came to mind for me was when Bowie appeared on Saturday Night Live with Klaus Nomi and his partner in crime:

    In reviewing the tapes, however, what promises as a case of hot-dogging turns out to be more of a beans and franks or bangers and mash, with the appealing backing singers off to Bowie’s side.

  3. Slim Jade

    Hello, Jack White!

  4. mockcarr

    Did Lenny Kravitz have a female bass player ever?

  5. Johny Hit and Run

    “perhaps a less graphic term”- Penis Sandwich

  6. Townshend pulled a memorable one of these on Empty Glass. I though these two were all kinds of hot when I was 15.

  7. I’ve seen both Sting and John Mellencamp get down and boogie with the back up singers — definite hotdogger action.

    What about Neil Young with wife Pegi and Emmylou in the Harvest Moon doc of a few years ago? He probably didn’t get close enough to do the proper grinding to qualify as a hotdogger.

  8. Around 2 minutes into the following clip Bryan Ferry puts out a call to his “buns.” Then, after a minute and a half of browning them on the grill he finally inserts his hot dog. Brilliant!

  9. hrrundivbakshi

    Plenty of hot-dogging going on here, starting at about the 0:25 mark. Thank you, Prince, for not disappointing!

  10. Happiness Stan

    The one that springs immediately to mind is Robert Palmer, on the Addicted to Love video (and at least one other if memory serves), although I can’t remember if he actually gets on down at any point (and can’t bring myself to check).

    Rod Stewart at Glastonbury all but removed his kit while getting down with the backing singers, as I’ve mentioned previously possibly the most unsavoury performance I’ve ever witnessed.

  11. patrock

    here is Nashville Pussy -with Blaine Cartright in between Corey, who is the amazon chick version of Gene Simmons (with a boob job) and Ruyter Suys…. who is Angus Young ….but a chick ….and hot.

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