Feb 052014

I’m calling on the counselors, therapists, and spiritual guides walking the Halls of Rock to share your insights and life lessons with the young people in this video. As much as I hate to rain on anyone’s parade, I sense that tomorrow, after they’ve come down from this ecstatic height, these turned-on, tuned-in young people will need some guidance, some words of wisdom, maybe even some tough love to deal with the harsh light of everyday life.

Please identify a young person in the crowd by a description/time of appearance and provide the necessary healing words of wisdom. Be gentle.


  9 Responses to “RTH Group Therapy Session”

  1. 2000 Man

    Man, I think the guy at 1:02 took the wrong drink and roofied himself by mistake.

    Better luck next time, Mr. Gold Chains!

  2. I would like to encourage the woman in the pigtails and string headband at the 1:53 mark to hold onto her dream of Minority Report-style virtual touchscreen technology.

  3. Bronzed Nordic God

    The woman at 0:14 is doing crunches all wrong. You are supposed to be on your back. Also, planking is a better exercise than crunches.

    As to the 1:02 guy that 2k Man already touched on, the Sha Na Na set eventually ended. It is safe to open your eyes again.

  4. I like the white dog at 2:55; I feel that I could adopt and save him/her from an unfortunate upbringing. The rest of those people, not so much.

  5. BigSteve

    I would counsel all the people in the second minute of this clip who are playing drums, bongos, finger cymbals, and tambourines that they are members of the audience not members of the band. STFU!

  6. diskojoe

    Watching this was like watching a clip of people doing the Charleston in the 1920s, especially the last few minutes of so. Definitely a time that has gone by. This was probably filmed @ a Be-In in LA or San Fran & had nothing to do w/the Del Shannon song, one of his valiant but futile attempts to remain “current”, which I think was actually produced by Andrew Loog Oldham.

    Anyway, while watching clips like this, as well as things like the TAMI Show or Shindig, I often wonder what ever happened to the people in the audience, i.e., what percentage are now gone, continued to fly the freak flag or just living normal lives. I often think about this whenever I see the following clip, which was filmed when I was a junior in high school & recognize what high school kids were wearing @ the time:


  7. Those puffy ski vests have made a bit of a comeback! I hope the Dorothy Hamill hairdo stays in the past, however.

  8. 2000 Man

    A lot more gone than I would have thought (been a bad year for Class of 80 that I know already). But some of us that are still here have grown up just enough to talk about Rock Music on the Internet!

  9. mockcarr

    Is it true that hippie babies are born with their feet already dirty?

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