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Apologies for the downage.  Still got some issues to clean up, but we are up and working.  Mercury was in retrograde.  Seriously.  It was.  In an effort to appease the masses, we offer a new LMS.

So many of the Last Man Standings start with “possibly the shortest LMS ever”.  It would, of course, be easy to deliberately create one with only one answer .  The Back Office has no intention of gaming the system and honestly hopes that there is more than our one valid response to…

Name a song that mentions Fonzie (Fonz, The Fonz, Arthur Herbert Fonzarelli or any variation that clearly references the Henry Winkler character from Happy Days).

Our offering is a new tune and is after the fold.


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  1. Smash Mouth actually has a song called “The Fonz”.

  2. The Back Office

    Damn you Smash Mouth!

  3. cherguevara

    I had a record when I was a kid, I bought it at Woolworth’s and it was called “Fonzie’s Favorites.” It was mostly a compilation of 50’s songs like “Charlie Brown” and “Ya Ya,” but it did have a song called the “Fonzarelli Slide.” Long lost now, wish I still had it.

  4. diskojoe

    The Young Fresh Fellows had a song about Fonzie that was a “secret song” at the end of the CD version of their album The Men That Loved Music, which actually had a picture of the Fonz on the CD.

    Speaking of the Fonz, has anybody else seen the TV commercial for reverse mortgages that features Henry Winkler? It’s a bit depressing to see a guy who was a big teenybopper star pitching things for retirement age people, especially when you remember him in the former position.

  5. Suzi Quatro must have had a song about the Fonz, no?

  6. sammymaudlin

    Good one. I’ve got…nuthin’…

    The only other pop stuff I know Henry Winkler did was playing a sorta parody of himself in Arrested Development (including a sorta reunion with Scott “Chachi” Baio and Ron Howard as himself, in the Netlfix season) and starring with Michael Keaton in the Ron Howard directed Night Shift in about 1982.


    Night Shift was very funny. I don’t know if it holds up but I’ve seen a half dozen times way back when. He plays a very not-Fonzie character.

    I find it a bit sad that he hasn’t done other TV/Movies as he is clearly capable of a comedic range.

    Then again, he did have quite a ride, financially and popularly, as the now iconic Fonzie. So I shouldn’t be too upset I suppose.

  7. Dude, he’s a recurring character on USA’s thoroughly mediocre Royal Pains, playing the scam-artist-with-a-heart-of-gold father of the main characters.

    He also wrote a series of kids books that, according to my boys when they were in lower school, were fun reads.

  8. 2000 Man

    I had to cheat, so this isn’t an official attempt at being LMS, but this exists:


    It apparently has Leather Tuscadero’s (Suzi Quatro) song that I was trying to remember the name of on it. it looks like you can download it from there, too. If so, and you download it and hear it and it ruins your life for a little while, well then I’m sorry.

  9. ladymisskirroyale

    Isn’t the Fonz’s biggest accomplishment starring in the situation that led to the immortal phrase, “Jumping the Shark”? (And there is a band called Jumping the Shark)

  10. sammymaudlin

    Yes. Truth be told, Happy Days ‘jumped the shark’ long before that dreadfully hilarious episode(s). I might argue, but won’t, that Happy Days made the jump when they changed The Fonz’ wind-breaker to a leather biker jacket. But I digress…

    If memory serves that was a 2 episoder with The Fonz in midair over the shark at the end of the 1st. OMG will The Fonz get eaten by a shark?! Was it possibly a season ending cliff hanger? I think so…

  11. The Back Office

    Not that it matters, nor should it…but…It appears that The-Fonz-reference song that we here in The B.O. posted might possibly be the only song to mention The Fonz casually, as in not being the subject of the song.

    Just sayin’.

  12. ladymisskirroyale

    Ah, the windbreaker. That explains everything.

  13. cherguevara

    Funny thing – I’m in a FB group which is basically people in my town selling things or searching for things. The “swap meet” has pretty much turned my FB wall into a big flea market. Moments after I made the above post, some actually offered up a copy of “Fonzie’s Favorites,” which I now have in hand. It was meant to be!

  14. Very funny part he had in Arrested Development.

    He also had a recurring part on Parks and Recreation as the (currently on fire) Jenny Slate character’s father.

    Musically, I immediately just think of the scenes of him from H.D. that show up in the Weezer video for Buddy Holly.

    Finally, I’m going blurt first, and confirm second on the interwebs, wasn’t there a song by someone called “Do the Fonzie”?

  15. “Do the Fonzie” was a Leather T. song on Happy Days. The U Tube clip is an 18 wheeler driving over the shark and backing up over it for good measure. I didn’t realize 2000 Man was infecting the Hall with it earlier in this post.

  16. I remember on “The Simpsons” when a new obnoxious character named Poochie joined Itchy and Scratchy and did a rap where he said he was “part Fonzarelli.”

  17. misterioso

    A couple of years ago (and perhaps still), Winkler was doing ads for some reverse mortgage outfit and I kept seeing the ad during episodes of Mary Tyler Moore which I was watching a lot on the local nostalgia tv channel. Apparently the target audience for the channel is a little older than me. “Hi, I’m Henry Winkler. You remember me as the Fonz. Now, I am old, and so are you.” That’s not what he actually said, but it is what I took away from it.

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