Nov 062010

Sorry Townsfolk. My cat disappeared last week. My debit card was canceled last week as well. Coincidence? My cat is back and according to his calculations the winners of the Rush DVD are:

If there are challenges, let them be heard here. If not, the winners need to email thebackoffice[at] with their mailing addresses and we’ll send your shit out when we get around to it.


  5 Responses to “Rush Winners”

  1. cherguevara

    I sort of feel that since I just won the Keith Richards book (which arrived yesterday and THANK YOU!) that it really wouldn’t be fair of me to win again. Don’t you think?

  2. I was thinking the same thing, since oh so long ago one of my first acts of participation here was to win one of the Don Felder autobios, but there was something about a Rush DVD that got my greed up.

  3. The Back Office

    If you two guys are out then I believe the next up is Sonny for this gem:

    If that seems correct-ish, then Sonny please email me your mailing info.

  4. Good choices. I thought I would take this opportunity to let you know the Stones/Gin Blossoms prize arrived safely.

  5. speaking of keef’s book, here’s mick’s imagined response, penned by the other bill wyman…

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