Nov 022012

How many positive things can you cite in this photograph? (Click photo for original source of photograph.)

Sometimes I stumble across a photograph of a musician that somehow suggests many things “right” about the state of the featured musician or musicians. This is one such photo. How often do we get to see David Byrne with his guard down? How often to we get to see his studious side, as he carefully tunes his cool 12-string Gibson guitar, rather than the outcome of his studies? The world needs more photos of David Byrne like this—and for the love of god, not another one of his solo albums!

Reports on either of his books are welcome. Has anyone read them yet?


  7 Responses to “So Much Is Right About This Old Photo of David Byrne I Feel Compelled to Share it With You”

  1. I read Bicycle Diaries. It was just okay. Three out of five stars.

    My problem with this picture: What Talking Heads song has/needs a 12-string electric?

  2. BigSteve

    I’m about 50 pages into How Music Works. Very interesting so far. He admits that he was weird and not quite human back then.

  3. trigmogigmo

    Some stuff from Talking Heads 77 might be 12-string. Opening riff of “Don’t Worry About the Government”? Maybe it’s mandolin instead. “Happy Day” or “No Compassion” intros?

  4. trigmogigmo

    Mr. Mod, I get what you are saying about DB solo albums. But if you haven’t, check out the Feelings album from 1997. I dig it!

  5. ladymisskirroyale

    It’s clear that he’s autistic because he’s looking at guitar neck rather than the cameraperson.

  6. Ladymisskirroyale,. I too think he seems ASD . Autism Spectrum Disorder. My unprofessional opinion Asperger. OTOH my 24 year old niece may be Aspie too, Aspies are known for their intense creativity. She’s exhibited in several art shows. Getting back to DB whatever he is one of the best concert movie s imho was Johnathan Demme’s “Stop Making Sense” “True Stories” had its moments. Loved his music for “Last Emperor.” My fave David Byrne recording was his version of “Take me to the River”

  7. Slim Jade

    I like the account of early T.Heads & co. in “Love Goes To Buildings On Fire” by Will Hermes.

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