Sep 232011

Great news everybody! There’s a new super group in town and they go by the name Super Heavy.

Super Heavy is composed of Mick Jagger, Joss Stone, Dave Stewart, Damian Marley, and A. R. Rahman (a composer of movie soundtracks in India). As near as I can tell, Jagger and Stone sing, Stewart plays guitar, Marley raps, and Rahman noodles (on the keyboard).

They are clearly going for something that transcends national and cultural boundaries. The current formula sounds to me like:

  • 45% Jagger
  • 20% Marley
  • 15% Stewart
  • 15% Stone
  • 5% Rahman

How would you tweak the formula to help them better reach their goals? 20% more Rahman? Seriously, this guy has apparently won two Oscars, two Grammys, and has sold 300 albums. Why is he hiding his light under a bushel? Mick’s presence is going to put asses in the seats but would it kill him to just dial it back a little bit for the good of the United-Colors-of-Benetton nature of the project?

Also, do you think they meant to evoke the “Waiting on a Friend” video starting at 3:37? I hope that Keith updates his bio with the next pressing, I’d love to hear his thoughts on this.

Finally, who is the real 6th member of Super Heavy (or 5th member if Rahman doesn’t step up his game): Marley’s floor-length dreads or Joss Stone’s rack?

In any event, these guys have upped the ante for super groups everywhere. Your move, Chicken Foot.


  16 Responses to “Something for Almost Everyone”

  1. TOTAL “Waiting on a Friend” reference. Nice spot!

    I’ve long wondered what it would sound like if Jagger put together a supergroup to do a song in the style of Sugar Ray. Could this be his “Kokomo”?

  2. jeangray

    The rest of the album has Mick & Joss spliting it almost 60/40, with the other members relegated to mostly vocal cameos that add spice! + Dave Stewart’s production???

    While a-listening to it, I had the creepy thought that Jagger & Stone are having the sex!

  3. I did not need that visual, especially this early in the morning. Uncool Jeangrey!

  4. as one of the three people who enjoyed the Stewart/Jagger “Primitive Cool” back in 1987, I was happy to see them work together again.

    (I also liked Wandering Spirit but thought Goddess was horrific)

    Joss Stone is a good foil for Mick (being young, female, pretty and with a good set of pipes) and you are right, the rest of them offer cameos at best.

    Jayhawks and Wilco have taken over my ipod this week (new records) but I have to say I have given SuperHeavy a handful of spins and mostly like what I hear.

  5. So that means he is the “surgeon of love” mentioned in the song?

  6. Joss Stone is the MVP here — I wish it was 80/20.

  7. mockcarr

    I don’t understand, what soda are they selling again?

  8. misterioso

    jungleland that’s funny–at the time (can’t say I have listened to it since the late 80s probably) I thought Primitive Cool was slagged rather excessively. Not that it was great but I thought it was better than MJ’s first solo record and better than Dirty Work, as well. Which, I realize, is setting the bar pitifully low.

  9. misterioso


  10. misterioso

    Well, she is undeniably easy on the eyes and is a good singer in a way that I find totally uninteresting, but being the MVP on this time is like representing the KC Royals in the All Star Game: a dubious honor at best.

  11. misterioso

    Read: “…MVP on this team,” not “MVP on this time.”

  12. “MVP” and KC Royals” were all the details necessary to get your intended meaning. Well put. I’m still trying to determine, however, if she’s John Stamos to Jagger’s Mike Love.

  13. misterioso

    The thing is that I kind of root for MJ to do something good. I find the Keitholatry a bit much and think that Mick’s contributions to the Stones’ greatness–to the music, not just to their overall image or personality–are huge. But Mick’s big “Who knew he had it in him” moment ain’t happened yet, and it is way past the time when it was likely to happen.

  14. jeangray

    Right on.

  15. 2000 Man

    I really hate Mick’s solo projects. He surrounds himself with the most boring people. I guess he would want to do something he can’t do in The Stones, but that something seems to be sucking. Wandering Spirit had a handful of decent songs, but Primitive Cool is the first Stones related thing I ever stiffed, and Goddess in the Doorway is really so bad it’s unbelievable that this came from the guy that wrote Brown Sugar.

    I’d like to see 85% less shitty in the mix of Super Heavy.

  16. I’d bet money that Joss had a makeup artist for her cleavage!

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