Jan 312014

A lot of XTC fans (not I) feel that Skylarking is the band’s album. There are many stories of Andy Partridge‘s frustrations with the heavy hand of producer Todd Rundgren. This interview with Todd on working with Laura Nyro is telling. Man, it’s got to be hard to put your work in the hands of an equally driven, iconoclastic producer. Good stuff all around!


  One Response to “Sound Familiar, Andy Partridge?”

  1. I agree with Todd more than a little bit — as a former journo — I did some of my best work on deadlines.

    I’m working on a project now where I am about to lay some deadlines down on folks because we have to launch . . and some people may feel “rushed.”

    It’s the old idea of letting the “perfect” get in the way of the “very good.”

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